Sunday, July 09, 2006

Some folks call her a runaway

Ok so last night I went out with week-old friend plus one new friend to see some little punk-like gig at some place called 'FF' aka 'Funky Funky'... There was one band before the one we'd come to see - Ethan quite rightly pointed out that they sounded like a cross between Tracy Chapman and Hootie and the Blowfish. He even sung a bit of 'Fast Car' over the top of the Korean lyrics and they fit perfectly. Funny. Luckily the band we'd come to see did rock and were cute funny original all that...
Anyhoo then I get an email from Jack - how good is Jack - which is so exciting because he emails me about twice a year. Fuckin nearly fell off my chair cos he samples some Tracy Chapman lyrics in his email ::

She's got her ticket,
think she gonna use it;
Think she's gonna fly away.
No-one should try and stop her,
persuade her with their power
she says that her mind is made.

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