Sunday, June 28, 2015


Since finishing breastfeeding, Milla has been sick. Causation or correlation? She may also (always) be teething. Biting the couch in flamboyant fashion. Biting my leg! Sleeping long and now on antibiotics for a possibly long-standing ear infection. She's off her food and has lost weight, is lengthening out. Frozen blueberries are the only thing that can entice her.

Unable to rouse this sick baby.
We're thinking to rationalise her toys, after a considerable expansion. Get more Montessori and have a smaller range on rotation. A cardboard tag from some clothes is one of her favourite things in the box. Our books are boring us too. Her favourite is definitely a hand-me-down book on shapes.

No childcare on Thursday or Friday, too sick, Charlie stayed home and I was able to go for a long run Friday morning, getting good distance notched up - 16kms doing a great loop up and under the West Gate to see a really good view from Stoney Creek Reserve then back along to Point Gellibrand, the beach and home.

Monday, June 22, 2015


We have some rituals that will pass. Sheep in the letterbox. Goodnight to donkey on shelf. Looking for clock. Now looking for the moon.

We are hearing a sweet sound of 'baa baa' being sung these days. And a swivel of the torso, a little dance? I wonder if they dance at childcare.

Milla's first sleepover and everyone slept in, us at one house, Milla at another. We all woke at 7am on the winter solstice. A very frosty morning, birdbath iced.

Flowergirl and brother of bride. 
The past nine days have had Charlie listed as preferred parent #1. Since he returned from last work trip. Maybe since breastfeeding stopped. Completely.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Great days in the lead up to birthday #1 and a big fat family wedding. 

Playing with lantern in bed with us.
Milla will have her first sleepover this weekend, no breastfeed in the morning. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This kid. Drinking from her tiny class cup. Eating meals all by herself. Getting tired and touching the bin to get my attention. Hugging me intensely. With her quiet peaky face in the Ergo after childcare. With a wet fringe in the winter rain, no hat. Sounding like she's saying 'duck' as we read 'I Went Walking'.

Wild child shredding herbs. 
No new rhythm yet, Charlie away for work this week so solo working parent. Picking Milla up from care is great and horrid all at once. Dropping her off is just horrid. Going for a long run and shopping in my 'free time' is lovely.

Less anxious these days about her naps. Still giving that final tiny breastfeed in the mornings. She crawls outside and shreds my basil and feeds herself dirt.  

Monday, June 01, 2015

Eleven months and all that

A year of no work. Eleven months of Milla in the world. She hugs fast and true. Yesterday was the best hug ever. It went on for days, it was uninterrupted, it was intense and so full of peace.

Eating apple and looking proud. 
We're brainstorming about how she's going to be flowergirl in three weeks. I tried to talk to her about how different tomorrow would be but I couldn't speak. Winter is upon us and it's snowing everywhere and pouring here.

Milla at eleven months has started to do a grin where she scrunches her nose. Her top four teeth are on display. She crawled on the mat at swimming. She stands up and howls from her bed if she doesn't want to nap. She chews at her sheep toy. Loves her custom book with family pictures. Loves to admire the donkey toy. Can entertain herself pulling clothes of the couch for a good long while. Wants you to hold BOTH hands when she practises walking. Gets fed chocolate cake when I'm not around.