Sunday, March 12, 2017

32 months

Life barrels on with busy days and weeks at work. Milla's getting promoted to the 'Joey' room after a year in 'Platypus' where in the new year she became the most senior by a long shot. We've been riding in to the city most days - will we remember what it was like? Constant traffic diversions in the the CBD as the new metro is being built and thousands of floors of new apartments climb up and RMIT takes a new shape? Weather has been great to encourage the ride, and I've been quicker, Milla a cheerful passenger for the most part.

Easy like Sunday morning. Messing about on my bed.

Milla at thirty two months can tell people that she is two and a half and that her birthday is in July. Hasn't been getting up in the midnight morning for a walk and a drink of water. Been a reliable alarm clock around 7am.

Long beautiful hair with big ringlets at the end, threads of blonde through the brown. Still some days has wee 'accidents', much to our frustration. Still in night nappies that are usually very heavy upon waking. She wants to be out of it immediately on waking.

Tantruming just now as she wants to do typing. Sat up at computer the other evening and typed for a good long stretch, loving finding letters and delighting at seeing them appear on screen. It was a weird sight to me.

Can tell me about her day, who she played with, what she had for lunch, who was throwing sand! Who was hitting! Who did her hair.

Her Christmas bike has had the pedals and training wheels put on and we've got to get practicing more.

Milla at thirty-two months loves dancing to surf rock. Still talks about the gym and exercise with vivid energy (and imagination!).

The way she says "I do", as in, Damien Rice's song 'O' is playing and she's grooving and I ask, 'do you like this song?', "I do!".

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

31 months and up to FNQ

Can count perfectly to eleven and then just free forms.

Calls me by my short name, so tenderly.

She's taller and thinner. Easily alternates skipping breakfast and dinner.

When she wets her undies and we're mad she says 'are you my friend?'.

Still has a cup o milk before bed, and a nighttime nappy. Still in cot with side off. Gets up for a drink of water often around 4:45am. Is lead peacefully back to bed.

Talks a lot about school, as in, when she's bigger she'll go to school. On a bike, on two busses, on a train. In Footscray. Going to have a big orange backpack. A big 'lello' backpack.

31 months: Hot summer day and hosing the garden and shortly, herself. 
Flew up to see my Papa, maybe for the last time, for Milla's second time. She was a great little traveller, warm and cheery with Papa, slept great in our random AirBnB, and good company on outings and the mundane.

Monday, January 16, 2017

30 months and a long time in the tent

It took more than ten days for Milla to ask about home. We were on the road, camping and adventuring and there was no mention of home, Alpi or screentime. We had fourteen nights away all up, final two nights in a house but 12 nights in the tent. Longest continuous camping ever I reckon.

Cape Conran campsite pack up 31 December. 2.5 years old. 
Milla at thirty months:
  • Converses! Can talk and talk. Drops words into sentences like 'different' and 'wheelchair' and 'true'... and 'actually' is how she starts many sentences!! 
  • Very tender with her cousin Solomon... Says his name 'Somolon'. Gazes at his pictures and says 'ohhh he's soooo cute'. 
  • Bedtime routine is milk, teeth, pjs, some books, with an episode of Peter Rabbit somewhere in there as an incentive: usually with milk, sometime also after teeth. Teeth can sometime be a battle resulting in a smacked hand by Charlie.
  • Still has a nighttime nappy, that is quite wet most mornings.
  • Loves to exercise! Karate, dancing, somersaults recently, lunges, push ups and jumping.
  • Can open her bedroom door, and ours. Gets up and comes into our room - but at a mercifully reasonable hour. 
  • Calls our bluff when we ask her where the plot is!  "Here it is!" with an imaginary thing in her hand. 
  • Can spell out the letters of her name! Can write M - i - l - l - under supervision.  
  • Very confident swimmer.  
  • Met her paternal great-grandmother.
  • Tantrums.
  • Tantrums.
  • Tantrums.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

29 months if I count correctly

Charlie hates 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. Milla loves it. Chimes in to say 'dark gloomy cave!'. Charlie reluctantly read it to her and tried to elicit empathy for the maligned bear... "what do you do when someone is sad?", the reply: "stop hitting".

Summer evening post-dinner park trip. 
Milla at... twenty-nine months?! We often can't believe she's nearly 2.5 years old. Seems too clever.

Excellent sense of smell, just like me. Could sense mango tray in fridge from me open-shut of fridge door and she a few steps away.

Still loves her sleep, though can now reach her bedroom door handle and has on occasion escaped to the hallway. Once, the other night, her door possibly opened itself and I woke to a sound of somewhat panicked pitter patter along the hallway.

Can be very moody, huge irrational tantrums that can suddenly end and through hiccupy breaths she presents her self as "I'm a happy girl! I'm not crying! I was cryyyyying".

Will do anything for a twelve minute episode of 'The new adventures of Peter Rabbit' - will usually attempt to bargain for two or more.

Can tell you about her day and what she did. Entertains the masses on public transport with hilarious and often loud running commentary. Amazing memory for detail of events and places.

Initially shy around other kids, but is actually just taking the time to work them out and after fifteen minutes she's the ring leader.

29 months

Twenty-nine months and gorgeous, wilful, wonderful, frustrating. Long long hair.
Exercise routine in evenings, involving piles of couch cushions.
Corrected her own grammar.
Still likes orange.
Very matter-of-fact lectures from her.
Incentivised by an 11 minute episode of Peter Rabbit on the gadget at bedtime.
Lately heads off to bed without kisses, cuddles or being carried (not even Alpi last night!).
Loves the idea of birthdays.
Sometimes doesn't eat any dinner. At all.
Counts to eleven but skips ten.
Bragging about legs getting big and strong: "look at my muscles, Mummy!".

Back to Chorki, watching the mountains.
Spent three nights back up at Falls Creek, had company this time, a playmate for Milla, and for each of us. It was lovely, as always. Snowed on Sunday morning. Rides for everyone and a walk in the snow. Milla chatting in Charlie's ear in the Bambino carrier. I got chased by a magpie on my solo ride. Nearly clotheslined myself on the dam wall bridge as we didn't realise the gate would still be shut. Found that speccy waterhole I saw in photos. Thinking out the next visit, of course, always.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

28 months

Three nights camping. No sweat. Loved it.
Love this kid. She is really quite independent. Though terribly affectionate too.
We met a young Chinese guy called Jacky, he camped a night nearby us in Mansfield. In the morning he was packing up and Milla told me she wanted to give him a goodbye cuddle. I think she was too shy and just had a chat but it was a pretty cute instinct.
She and I had a grand time, two long leisurely days while Charlie was riding. Took the trailer out and did the rail tail towards Maindample. She walked, she snoozed, she sung, commentated. We went to parks, parks, parks.

Goofy family. 
This kid at 2 1/4.
Gets a sore red lip from eating a kiwi fruit.
Can count to seven for sure, sometimes 11.
Knows she is being funny/entertaining.
Latest catch cry is 'What's your name', though doesn't listen to answer. When asked she'll say her FirstNameLastName really fast and quiet and it's not comprehensible.
Knows happy, sad, grumpy, scared. Scared is for lawnmowers. And vacuum cleaners.

Mostly I collect her from childcare, around 4:40, to screams of 'MY MUMMY!!' or utter indifference. We have some routines, I must have snacks, she usually has a shoulder ride. She can point out platform numbers and knows we go home via Platform 6 at North Melbourne. Still obsessed with Flagstaff station (we've never gotten of there).

Monday, September 26, 2016

These days

  • 5:30am Bootcamp. 
  • 7:30am Watching diggers, watching Milla eat leftover split olive pizza for breakfast. 
  • 8:30am Drive to swimming lesson. 
  • Grocery shop, visit to park with Paddy and co. I heard Milla say "My name is Milla, what's your name?" to some big girls. I made a show of throwing mandarin segments into her mouth when she was on swing. 
  • Home to cook pumpkin pie, bolognese, roast veges, frittata, call Heath, life admin. Milla watching Play School, eating almonds, taking herself to potty. 
  • "I not tired" is the dead giveaway that she's ready for a sleep. 
  • 3:00pm quiet, dishwasher, diggers, sore foot, work emails, life admin.  

Weekend morning making pancakes. 
Milla is a cousin and I'm an aunty. Thinking back to those early days of milk-filled boobs and general haze. 

Milla's been in a study about sedentary behaviour and has been wearing 'computer pants' for a week. She's a pretty active kid! 

Thinking about how busy work is and that I should go to five days but Mondays are just the best. GAH.