Sunday, May 30, 2021

Week notes v1

Things on my mind this week. 

  • Reading books again. 
  • Thinking about a running comeback. 
  • Waiting to be a landlord. 
  • Feels like winter came quickly. Looking forward to winter holidays. 
  • Recovering from Eurovision. Milla loved it.
  • Belarus and the hijacking. 
  • The new coronarvirus variant in Vietnam. 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Lockdown 2.0

Milla still enthusiastic to get into uniform, get to her desk in the morning. We have some projects in mind, letters to write.  

We start the next lockdown. We had a routine, we go back to it. We are now mid-winter but there's blossoms on the morning walk (feijoa were Lockdown 1.0).

Sunday, May 03, 2020

41 days of lockdown

Milla at five years and ten months. School at home enters its fourth week.

Her favourite boat at Williamstown Marina, 'Lo-La'
Obsessed with reading, writing, spelling. This happened so fast.
Becomes intensely interested in science things: hurricanes, beavers, and spouts factoids.
Long bike rides, up to 2 hours, 18 kms today.
Seems to balance being social and solitary. Content in either.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Start of school and the virus comes

The start of school. Feeling optimistic and full hearted and grateful.

Then the virus in China. International education collapsing. Everyone rallying for China.
Went to physio and talked about how the Olympics might be cancelled. Went to Prep new families picnic and shaking hands was becoming unfashionable.

Then I read this article on Medium and didn't want to go into the office on Friday 13 March. I did, and told my staff that it would be the last day. After work I went to the supermarket to stock up and realised that would be the last time. Swimming lesson the next day, realised it would be the last. Stopped get public transport to work, started riding. Taking Milla to school was the only outing, felt ridiculous.

We wished for a decision, for school to close. And then it did. Homeschool started. Charlie drew up a program so we could balance our work and the Milla supervision. She lapped up the learning.

Term two is starting, remotely, with us parents supervising the learning. A different feel indeed.

Our new habits will hopefully run through: morning walks all together; cooked lunches; home yoga and rides in the middle of the day; Skype sessions with grandma.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

End of kindergarten

End of kinder. End of an era.

Milla feeling emotional at drop off to RMIT childcare today. It's been 4.5 years of her life for most days of the week. She runs the place.

Tomorrow last day of her other kinder, the one we have loved, that has challenged and delighted us all.

Milla at the end of kinder.

  • Loves to climb trees, be physical, dance. Runs everywhere. 
  • Is full of joy, and swings of emotion. 
  • Draws all day and loves to learn reading. 
  • Monitors all the comings and goings. 
  • Has some girl 'frenemies' that she feuds with and loves in a boring cycle. 
  • Is tall, getting leaner, and finally rides without training wheels.  
  • Gets up from her mezzanine bed and takes herself to the toilet in the middle of the night. 

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Bright at Spring

Only two days in Wandiligong and we notice Milla seems older. Everytime we head away there is a leap. She is talking in a more sophisticated manner, she looks tall. She is so incredibly good at puzzles, keen to sound out words: the toilet block at Mount Buffalo 'w-o-m-e-n'!! So fast and confident in snowshoes and then infuriatingly stops. Maybe she just wants to play. Five years and two months old.

Milla at 5

Milla at five is great company.

Five years old 

Confident with other people
Still generous
Seems to be getting taller everyday. Definitely looking long.
Great generosity of spirit
Starting to enjoy trying, and can take direction
No interest in cycling
Great architectural drawings with increasing detail
Still loves camping and the outdoors
Love love loving learning to read
Puzzle champion.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Literacy at nearly five

And just like that, she's all about reading, writing, letters and spelling.

Reading everywhere. 

Over summer she gained the ability to listen to chapter books.

Over the past few weeks, a hunger to understand words.And remembering more and more.

She could write our names. Then 'love'. I started getting love letters last year 'Milla love Mum'.

Now birthday cards she can write, mostly unassisted, save for 'from': 'happy birthday Grandma, love from Milla'.

Reading my copy of the BFG, she's keen to pick out 'snozzcumber' on the page, and will find 'Sophie' very quickly.

What an electric time.

Pretty rapt to receive this card.