Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Bright at Spring

Only two days in Wandiligong and we notice Milla seems older. Everytime we head away there is a leap. She is talking in a more sophisticated manner, she looks tall. She is so incredibly good at puzzles, keen to sound out words: the toilet block at Mount Buffalo 'w-o-m-e-n'!! So fast and confident in snowshoes and then infuriatingly stops. Maybe she just wants to play. Five years and two months old.

Milla at 5

Milla at five is great company.

Five years old 

Confident with other people
Still generous
Seems to be getting taller everyday. Definitely looking long.
Great generosity of spirit
Starting to enjoy trying, and can take direction
No interest in cycling
Great architectural drawings with increasing detail
Still loves camping and the outdoors
Love love loving learning to read
Puzzle champion.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Literacy at nearly five

And just like that, she's all about reading, writing, letters and spelling.

Reading everywhere. 

Over summer she gained the ability to listen to chapter books.

Over the past few weeks, a hunger to understand words.And remembering more and more.

She could write our names. Then 'love'. I started getting love letters last year 'Milla love Mum'.

Now birthday cards she can write, mostly unassisted, save for 'from': 'happy birthday Grandma, love from Milla'.

Reading my copy of the BFG, she's keen to pick out 'snozzcumber' on the page, and will find 'Sophie' very quickly.

What an electric time.

Pretty rapt to receive this card. 

Monday, April 01, 2019

Oxfam Trailwalker 2019

I'm feeling pretty much myself now. Two and a half days after finishing Oxfam Trailwalker. My first time, after a few years of aspiration, I finally did it.

One hundred kilometres walked, in twenty five hours.

It's hard to own it and figure out what made me successful. The text Charlie sent me saying 'full grit' totally resonates.

I was in pain from early on, blisters appearing on both feet. My muscles were better than I feared, quads getting achy in the final quarter. When it was cold.

We chatted. We remembered the trail. Just two small sections we'd never walked. We worried about the rain. We talked about the times. When support crew was coming. We ate heaps of sugar. We thought about Jen and how to keep her going and if she was going to make it.

I jogged up hills, it was easier on my body. I fell asleep and kept on walking. I couldn't think of anything.

I think I felt euphoric for the final 5-10km as I knew it was going to happen, I would complete.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Books at four and a half

Christmas booked devouring daily: 
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Tintin The Black Island
  • Rosie Revere chapter book
  • Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Reader's digest trees and shrubs (!!)

Monday, December 31, 2018

Four and a half exactly

Started to realise she's not a little kid and can differentiate judgement based on younger kid's ages, such a one and two year old cousins.
Needs interaction with peers, gets bored and frustrated by our compacted a few solid days, gets topped up and energised by playdates.
Some perfectionist tendencies.
Demonstrated shoelace tying much to our amazement. Probably has other secret skills that we don't know about.
Loves to be told stories from my childhood at bedtime.
Remembers everything. Very helpful for going shopping.
Just started on Roald Dahl after first encounter with Enormous Crocodile in Doune.
Loves loves the water and swimming.
Goes barmy when fed sugar.
Loves pink and twirling dresses.
Draws people - as of today - with wide smiling mouths.
Still with training wheels on bike.
Started rock climbing and is super enthusiastic about it.
Started whittling and sliced her thumb open but healed super fast.
Not very good at sharing with her two year old cousin.
Can play by herself on mornings when she wakes up early.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Four and a quarter

Milla at a four and a quarter.

Still runs to bed.
Had another haircut, but she wants it longer.
Is starting to enjoy maths ideas.
Has borrowed a bigger bike from a six year old friend, with a basket, still on training wheels.
Almost always will share her special thing with you.
Loves to take doll in for repeated show and tell.
Swimming lessons on Sundays and Chinese lessons Thursdays. But not regular.
Told the dentist her favourite food is broccoli. Is bragging to everyone about her upcoming trip to Scotland.
Occasionally pesters for a sibling.
Lots of new words that surprise us.
When she's really really excited or happy, her eyes start to turn up at the sides.
Getting better at the idea of practice. 

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Four years old


Perfectionist. Gets frustrated with a sub par effort.

Amazing memory.

Seems to be comfortable hanging out with different people. Adaptable. Hangs out with kinder friends and any visitors at home and seamlessly switches.

Practising the art of conversation.

Producing heaps of drawings. A week or two solid of the same thing at a time. A month of princesses. Then princesses with striped rainbow dresses. Then princesses with families. Then princesses with hair. Then princesses with castles. Castles with doors, door handles and windows. First buildings. Yellow sun up top and green grass underfoot. A flower with petals, and two leafs up its stalk.
Self portrait by Milla as a four year old. 
Scoots most days and tried to do tricks sometimes. Leans her chest on the handles and spreads out her arms like flying. Crouches down and wiggles her bum and kicks out her legs, dancing and rolling.

Her desk is always piled up with cutting, drawing, papers, textas, sticky-tape.

Friendly. Beautiful. Matter-of-fact.