Friday, March 31, 2006

New Zenit Shots

Used a black n white roll on my Zenit on Friday. Happy happy with the shots. They're all happy snaps really, taken on Ewa's birthday. I've just posted three in my album.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


I don't often remember my dreams. Last night as I was falling asleep, feeling kinda agitated and like sleep wouldn't come easily, I suddenly frighted as I realised I was going to crash into a car. The car was a little red one, already smashed up with tyre marks on its paint and its bumper hanging off. I woke, and my heart was pounding, hard. So strange. I remembered other dreams when I woke up this morning for work too, dreams of small apartments, derelicts and a sad friend.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Desperate Housewives Quote

Lynette: "Hey, Stu. You busy?"
Stu: "No, just updating my blog."

Friday, March 24, 2006

What's the occasion?

Graffiti Games

"Melbourne City Council has decided to ignore the findings of a council-commissioned report on street art and strike a blow against Melbourne ’s culture with a zero tolerance anti-street art policy. In the tradition of other Commonwealth Games hosts, the council is now attempting to sterilise Melbourne by making it the world’s mostunliveable city for anyone failing to shape up to their expectations of shinyshoppers.
How long can it be until people with less than $100 in their pockets, nondesigner tracksuits or crooked teeth also find themselves united bythe moment in being frogmarched to the city limits? In response to this we are announcing the 2006 Graffiti Games. During the Graffiti Games, the entire CBD has been declared a maximum tolerance zone open to street art of all forms. Unlike the elitist Commonwealth Games, the Graffiti Games will be open to anyone with a spray-can and a good or bad idea.
The Graffiti Games Organising Committee will award gold, silver and bronze medals to the most popular entrants in categories including:
* Most Elaborate Stencil Piece
* Funniest Slogan
* Largest Graffiti Piece
* Most Daring Placement
* Best Caricature of the Mayor
* Most Seditious Piece
To he eligible, all competitors must photograph their work and send it in to "

Friday, March 17, 2006

A Salute to The Mountain Goats

I feel I can do this now as I just bought tix for their show on the 12th April at the Corner.
I lashed out and bought 3 CDs from Amazon which I received last week: The Mountain Goats (Sunset Tree); Belle & Sebastian (The Life Pursuit); and My Morning Jacket (Z). By far my fave is The Mountain Goats, which I've barely taken outta my CD player and am driving my friends crazy with... I just want to spread the love! The album is based on the experiences of childhood abuse suffered by John Darnielle, and it's about pain, forgiveness, beauty and freedom... I think.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Nillumbik. True?

The visual beauty of our rural open spaces, together with the friendliness of our villages, including Eltham, Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge and St Andrews adds to the relaxed, open lifestyle of the Shire. The Shire has long been known as a region of artistic vitality and excellence, where the creative life of the community is highly valued and nurtured. With the Yarra River as the southern boundary, the visual beauty of the region’s rural open spaces, together with the friendliness of our villages adds to the relaxed, open lifestyle of the Shire. The Shire also falls within the boundaries of the internationally recognised Yarra Valley.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Festival weekend

Who would have thunk I could do 3 festivals in one weekend... And it wasn't flat-out...
Saturday arvo I dropped in at the Heidelberg Fest in the park for a lil while, after wines and calamari at Matto's. Sunday morning we went to the Slovenian Festival (no big black men but all welcome) up in Research, then later to the Sydney Road street party and festival where all and sundry were grooving and drinking and squinting.