Saturday, March 29, 2014

Grampians three months out

Back to Grampians again for rock climbing. Well, I'm watching and just enjoying being out of town. Kangaroos at breakfast. The great starscape. Seeing Charlie in his rock element. 

Pocketed Wall

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

27 and a seat on the train

It started last week. I got offered a seat on the train. Now it's been five times or more. The shock of 'showing' is easing. All the seat offers have been from young women. Around my age or younger. Why is that?

Name preference: Delilah (Ma's) and Cassie (Charlie's)
Best activity: Scheduling in yoga sessions 
Adventure dreaming: Swimming at Cape Conran 
Random worry: Missing Charlie snuggle mornings 
Reading: Applications for my replacement at work  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

XXVI end of second trimester

Beautiful light in the morning. 
Twenty-six weeks marks the end of my second trimester. I can see why it is called the honeymoon trimester. Heaps of energy has been the most marked characteristic of the past months. Good sleep too. We've been thinking a lot about what kind of sleeping arrangement for the little one, and finding out we have some differences of opinion... 

Wednesday I had my first Cosmos appointment with the midwife who'll be with us from here through the birth. Had my diabetes and tests for iron etc, which I'm very interested to get the results for.

Thursday was my long-awaited Mama Shanti experience. In exploring hypnobirthing, I read about active birthing and then found Mama Shanti, whose classes include partner workshops, retreats and yoga classes. After getting my photo taken, I left the house late and had a stressful trip, turning up late in a taxi to Kundalini House for the class. 

The class was amazing and inspiring and so worthwhile. All movements and poses were perfectly relevant to my body and state of mind and I felt totally energised and relaxed. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

26 weeks and a visit

Charlie held a baby for the second time. Eight weeks old and a darling, she came to visit with her parents, Mr & Mrs C. It was such a delight to get an insight into their new life and we dredged for information.

Our major line of inquiry is regarding sleeping arrangements: what do we need and where. I've been researching many options, including the low-bed approach of Montessori. We have bassinets offered and also like the idea of a Snuggle Bed.  

Today is my first appointment with the Cosmos team at the Royal Women's, and I'll have my diabetes test.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

XXV or thereabouts

A classic New Zealand landscape and brilliant weather.  Lake Pukaki. 
Seven days in the South island, four camping nights and two nights at AirBnB accommodation. Sleeping on a Thermarest was not as comfortable as a month ago, but I still had great nights' rest and wouldn't have done it any other way.

Our first tent night we camped near Arthur's Pass after Charlie bouldered at Castle Hill, selecting an out-of-the-way spot with lots of sandflies. The next two nights were at 12 Mile Delta just north of Queenstown, on the shore of Lake Dunstan. It was being at a music festival, minus the entertainment. Witnessed (but failed to photograph) the best sunset ever. Our final camping night we arrived late into Moke Lake and only got a short time with any light left. It was a priceless few hours though: the campground manager chipper and warm, the mountain silhouette beautiful and shooting/falling stars on show.

Moke Lake campground. 

Walking in my hood

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

XXV Maybe Baby(moon)

I feel like posting a photo reel from the past week and lots of happiness moments. But some things need their own post. Like Lyttleton.

Happy happy near Arthur's Pass after dinner on Day 1

This holiday was booked long ago, as a return to the ice for Charlie, with an ice-climbing course booked in. Then he broke his shoulder. So the flights were moved to some random date in the future. Which came about and we still had no real replacement holiday in mind. And I'm pregnant so a big hike was not an option.

As Charlie is pursuing bouldering, we found the week nicely alternated between climbing days and touring/walking days. Perfect weather helps.

Christchurch > Cass Bay > Castle Hill > Arthur's Pass > Mayfield > Queenstown > Glenorchy > Kinloch > Moke Lake > Queenstown > Geraldine > Governor's Bay > Lyttleton > Christchurch

Thursday, March 06, 2014

XX4 South Island

Week 24 and day 1 of a long-awaited holiday in New Zealand.

Stretched out in a simple cottage high above Cass Bay on the Banks Peninsula. Below us a fascinating bay with muddy winding street, kayaks racked up and amazing rocks above. Big rain this week and earthquakes prior have blocked roads, gouged retaining walls and left gaping holes in the eateries of nearby Lyttleton. We love it here.