Saturday, March 22, 2014

XXVI end of second trimester

Beautiful light in the morning. 
Twenty-six weeks marks the end of my second trimester. I can see why it is called the honeymoon trimester. Heaps of energy has been the most marked characteristic of the past months. Good sleep too. We've been thinking a lot about what kind of sleeping arrangement for the little one, and finding out we have some differences of opinion... 

Wednesday I had my first Cosmos appointment with the midwife who'll be with us from here through the birth. Had my diabetes and tests for iron etc, which I'm very interested to get the results for.

Thursday was my long-awaited Mama Shanti experience. In exploring hypnobirthing, I read about active birthing and then found Mama Shanti, whose classes include partner workshops, retreats and yoga classes. After getting my photo taken, I left the house late and had a stressful trip, turning up late in a taxi to Kundalini House for the class. 

The class was amazing and inspiring and so worthwhile. All movements and poses were perfectly relevant to my body and state of mind and I felt totally energised and relaxed. 

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