Monday, August 31, 2015

Toddler life

I'm at the computer. Milla is standing next to me. She's very tired. Declined afternoon naps, now it's gone 6pm. I ask her, "Milla, would you like to choose a book?". She takes a few steps to her left, sorts through the book tub and hold one aloft. Charlie in the kitchen, so surprised. Big kid.

Determined to get the mower started.
She's walking more, still wants to grab a hand but loves to take a few hilarious steps between us. Occasionally will walk from us to furniture. Charlie has taken her for a couple of walks down the street.

She's started collecting crumbs and replacing them into her bowl, a welcome change from flinging everything about. Eating a lot. Naps unpredictable.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Milla's new word today is cheetah. She also says 'hi, Dad' and can wave at Sooty when we say 'where's Sooty?'.

No riding for Charlie today, feeling lackluster and it was raining. We decided to drive and explore. It wasn't roses, we'd woken at 3:30am to Milla's coughing and struggling to breathe, so stopped at a Doctor in Scottsdale where we got a dose of reassurance.

We drove north, to Waterhouse, where the fields of cows and sheep gave way to some dunes, little beaches and rocks like those at Cape Conran.

Stopped at Bridport and Milla walked the sand, took a few steps down the main street independently, and watched the seagulls fight for our soft apple. Almost trendy café, yarn bombed tree with blossom litter, yummy coffee and retro high chair.

Afternoon back at Derby, our final night. I did my 'easy' run, 6k in the drizzle, along the Tasman Highway. Tomorrow long run, 1 hour 20, we've checked out the northeast rail trail as a possible venue. Then back on the big boat from Devonport tomorrow night. It's been a long week. In a good way.

Bridport bike.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Arrived tiny Derby. Cold, foggy, no frost. 10k run along the Tasman Highway, birds and rockcrushers about, no track to run along.

Happy Indian meal at St Helens last night, hosts had gorgeous cheerful baby for Milla to play with. Long drive on windy roads to Derby.

Milla has her own room, sleep through, as did we. New tooth in the morning. Eight now. She's coughing a lot. Mostly when resting. No other symptoms. Seems to be getting good at saying 'hi-i' and 'byyyye' in a sweet voice with a floppy wave.

Helping in kitchen. These moments. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Up early to pound the pavement with Dadda. Unbelievable to be running together, somehow. He ran fast and I kept up. Possibly my fastest 5k ever. The sun came up and it was a brilliant day with no break from beautiful warm sun.

Milla and I went for a long walk while Charlie explored some trails not far from Hobart. It was relaxing, strolling, over to Sandy Bay, back through Battery Point and then over to the CDB. I found a cafe and Milla made friends with a little punk called Adelaide. 

Something went wrong and we forgot MONA was closed Tuesdays so instead we headed up the mountain to get a look at some snow. Poor Milla got cold feet but it was glorious up there. 

First snow play for Milla. 
Dinner with Dadda-Pop at the amazing Smolt. We realised it was the first fancy dinner we'd taken Milla out to. It felt like a long time since we ate so well. Afterwards Milla walked home! Up the Salamanca hill, refusing to let go of father and grandfather's hands. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


Milla was so good getting out the door. After pizza dinner and a quick offer of warm milk in a bottle, we were into the car instead of off to bed.

Queuing at the dock she was calm and sweet, singing occasionally and pointing out the seagulls. Into our room and the lights of the coast, something about the view, filled her with excitement. She marched around the tiny room and carried on happily.

Anyhow, it wasn't a terrifically restful night. Milla woke around 3am and after a good while of wailing, I lay with her. She in the cot on the floor, me naked, half in, half out. She was chatting and singing and called to Charlie a few times. We eventually slept, Charlie put the doona over me.

Then it was all hustle as we slept in. Milla had to be roused.

Sleeping on her side on the big boat.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Well, I didn't see it. At childcare they announced that Milla walked yesterday. Mark this day, I guess.

At the National Gallery of Victoria. 
She was exhausted last night: big effort at swimming class, yielding a sticker, a certificate, and praise from Grandma. Then apparently the walking and lots of garlic bread and raisin toast. Then tired and grouchy at dinner with us.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Flashback a year ago. Milla in her crib, swaddled, in Ballroom.

Brilliant light. 
This morning, after three nights in her new big blue bed, she again took me down the hall, to her bed, patted it and pointed at it, chatting. It's definitely a new thing, receiving note.

We chickened out last night and after two cups of milk in her tiny glass (about 60mls) we gave her another 60mls or so of cow milk in her bottle. She was tired and grouchy by 6pm. An adjustment to one nap per day perhaps. Maybe I should do as they suggest and follow the childcare routine of early lunch and one afternoon nap.

Hanging out in East Brunswick.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Big Blue Cot

Last night Milla moved into a cot. All this time she'd been sleeping in a crib that I carefully chose because it was designed to attach to our bed. It was in our room for such a brief period, then for longest time she's had her own room, and that crib has gotten smaller and smaller.

I bought a big blue cot and when Charlie put her to bed in it last night he reported that she was definitely baffled. Tonight more at ease. But she only napped in the car today, howling when I put her down in the morning. She was annoying today, overtired and grouchy.

Down the hall for a sook.
Tonight the formula tin was finished and tomorrow we will be trying bedtime without a bottle. Charlie is feeling quite sentimental about it.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

13 months

Life at thirteen months is walking on knees, smacking forehead on edges, spooning dirt from the garden, batting away food from the bench when tired (or just annoying!), another round of conjunctivitis. We're listening to coughs that come and go, Milla saying 'that!' all the time, which seems to need to reply of whatever she's pointing at. We're wondering what the post-bottle routine will be like, only days away. Perhaps less of the surrender monkey and some howling as she's put down? Meanwhile my mother's group discuss overnight feeds so we're grateful.

Climbed 'into' the BBQ.
Goodbye to Tolmie this weekend past. Strange days. Rearranging furniture here and getting some things from memory lane.

Last photo of me/us at Tolmie.