Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Up early to pound the pavement with Dadda. Unbelievable to be running together, somehow. He ran fast and I kept up. Possibly my fastest 5k ever. The sun came up and it was a brilliant day with no break from beautiful warm sun.

Milla and I went for a long walk while Charlie explored some trails not far from Hobart. It was relaxing, strolling, over to Sandy Bay, back through Battery Point and then over to the CDB. I found a cafe and Milla made friends with a little punk called Adelaide. 

Something went wrong and we forgot MONA was closed Tuesdays so instead we headed up the mountain to get a look at some snow. Poor Milla got cold feet but it was glorious up there. 

First snow play for Milla. 
Dinner with Dadda-Pop at the amazing Smolt. We realised it was the first fancy dinner we'd taken Milla out to. It felt like a long time since we ate so well. Afterwards Milla walked home! Up the Salamanca hill, refusing to let go of father and grandfather's hands. 

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