Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Best Sunday Ever

Amazing how things go from horror-show to heaven. I was in a crappy mood Friday night and Saturday night.. But then, spending the day with JC and LTR, out taking photos, was just lovely.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I saw on the ABC news on Tuesday that a French woman had had a FACE-TRANSPLANT.
Mildly interested, it totally freaked me out when they said that the reson she needed a new face was because her per labrador had eaten off her face as she lay unconcious in her flat after attempting suicide. Apparently she had come to, having lost consciousness from taking a massive overdose of pills, tried to light a cigarette and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stay in her mouth.......... The story got WORSE! The face that they transplanted to her was taken from a woman in a nearby town who had SUCCESSFULLY committed suicide. What the hell is this crazy story?

Miss Australia

Following on from the hunt for Russian-Australians, apparently one of the most famous "Miss Australia" was a woman named Tania Verstak. She was born in China of Russian parents, and when she won "Miss Australia" in 1961, she was the first woman of immigrant background to win the Title.
And following on from that pearl, the first (only?) Aboriginal woman to win the "Miss Australia" Title was Kathryn Hay in 1999.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sunny Weekend

Crazy busy weekend. The weather was just perfect: mid-20s and lotsa sun. Perfect for drinking cold white wine in the sunshine. Saturday I went to Linden in St Kilda to see the annual postcard competition entrants. I knew a couple of hopefuls so that added to the excitement. Lots of amazing work. I wanted to buy two tiny little landscape paintings for $90 but everyone gave me shit so I didn't. I'm broke anyways.
Insanity ensued that evening. Went to a party at Poonstance's and was having a gay old time until I realised I'd locked my keys in the car. Twas a great way too meet some Brunswick locals and generate a community event as friends and strangers alike tore my car apart in an attempt to reunite me with the keys.
Sunday we went to a Russian festival in Federation Square - I went for the advertised pancakes and was BITTERLY disappointed when we had to queue for ages to get a lousy pancake with a blob of cheap jam on top. Better then the ones JC and LTR got, though, which has meaty icicles inside. Yuk-o. But there were Russians in costume, Russians in BAD Eastern fashion and Russians in paper hats looking like wallies so that was all worthwhile.
Visited Z and Ot in the evening which was great... I'm in love with that child!
Today is an exciting day - I've become a seller on eBay! Shit scared. I really hope someone buys my lovely Sigma Zoom lens. If this works out I've got BOXES of crap I'll try to flog.