Monday, May 30, 2016


Being defiant. 
We've had some toileting setbacks. Frustrating. Maybe we need another intensive? 

This week we go to FNQ to relive my first trip there in September 1982. Mum brought the albums around so we could review the photos... me in a t-shirt saying 'kids are people too'. Discovered pigtails too. 

Overnight all good in bed, no problems with falling out. Maybe getting cold when doona slips away. Very grouchy sometimes upon waking. Or ecstatic. Yup.

Being a defiant character. I think it's just with me, a bit with Charlie. Lots of 'mine' and 'no' to any question. A performer, big in comedy, legend in her own lunchbox. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

22/52 Big bed

First night in big bed. Well, I saved money and just asked Charlie to take a side of Milla's cot. It worked a treat. Her doona was intact, tucked in just as Charlie left her, eleven hours later. Trying right now for first nap there so we'll see. 

Walking the plank

Thursday, May 05, 2016


Listening to story of the caterpillar. 
"I funny!" she says from the back seat of the car, cracking herself up. This is after childcare calling to say she may be crook, wasn't herself... Um, I think she's ok.

Found a baby tomato plant and rapidly got a trowel to dig it up... wanted to relocate it... Somewhere.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

22 months

Can be grouchy in the morning. But is awesome. Is toilet trained. Is speaking in sentences: "I found it!" "I did it!" "I fix it!". Very keen to help in kitchen. Seems to genuinely want to understand when concept are explained to her. Loves to high-five and first-bump. Still. Olives are still the best treat.

Calls 'Each Peach Pear Plum', 'I-peach' and wants it read every day. When she sees letters she makes letter sounds, like spelling out the words, likes to try counting, has moved on from 1-2-6 to 1-2-3!

Starting to grasp 'soon' and 'later' concepts. Is in the toddler room at childcare. Catches the train into the city, walking, no stroller. Loves to say "all done" as question and answer.

Sometimes says 'sad' but we can't tell why. Still doing swimming lessons, been 15 months of weekly classes now. Sat next to guitar tonight and strummed.

We love her. She's the best kid around. She just surprised us by identifying a puffin! Also charming when she says 'one day...'

Milla watching birds at Chorki Ski Club, Falls Creek.