Thursday, May 29, 2014

27 days and run for the train

Bolted for the train this morning. Possibly something that will not happen again for a while? My last run was 3 weeks? 4 weeks ago? The prospect of running is now beyond me. Something to dream of doing after July. Charlie has been up early to mountain bike at the You Yangs and now there's a dream of the three of us there for run/ride in the early mornings.

Last day of work tomorrow. Still not sure how it feels. Technically, it's been a great transition, with my replacement spending quality time with the team. I'll miss my colleagues. And I might (re?)discover some interests of my own.

Yesterday we had second obstetrician appointment at the hospital; it was even quicker and stranger than the first. The Doc was a joker, we had no questions, there were no issues, we were in-n-out in minutes. He did a quick scan, which was unexpected, so good to see her again. Her heart pumping, the long curve of her spine, and best of all, confirmation that she's in a good position, head down, bum up by my left ribs.

Baby Shower and BBQ, 24 May

Sunday, May 25, 2014


An exercise to narrow down our options. We each wrote our top three. I cheated. This is what we ended up with.


Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hand-me-down shirt from my boss!
A week of work left, just over a month until the due date. More backyard activity, mild days, parcel deliveries and now, naps on the couch while stuff happens around me. Doctor's this week for blood and other tests, wanting to be well-stocked with iron. Forgot to mention to the GP the numbness at my solar plexus; what a weird sensation! First draft of birth plan is written, the hardest part is writing each statement in positive language. Will workshop it with midwives next week perhaps.

Mum's birthday today, last one before she becomes a grandmother. Off to the Plough to celebrate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Our second formal 'class' at the hospital last night, the topic of this 4 hour (!) session was labour and childbirth. It was a contrast to our Mama Shanti session on Sunday, which at first was quite confronting. After we placed it in the context of the big hospital and their policies, we felt like it was more useful than scary. We were learning the default settings.

And of course it was useful to workshop the different stages of labour, when to come to hospital, and to consider all the pros/cons of the interventions and pain relief. And to keep perspective. I have been well, and active, and I'm not afraid.

Came home to the re-delivered crib, and more improvements on back and front of house that I have my father and brother to thank for. 

New door knocker/handle and lick of paint for front door.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Silky soft sighing breaths

Active, conscious, engaged. Yesterday Charlie and I attended a five hour workshop on preparing for active birth. The time flew, it was fascinating, inspiring and relaxing all at once. The workshop included techniques from the Thursday yoga classes that I've been trying to get to, and also included very useful discussion about how to make the most of your choice regarding hospital. We emerged feeling informed and empowered. Practice of breathing, touch and positioning. It certainly made it real that I'm in the last stages now. I need to incorporate some poses at home that will allow this little one to position favourably, as they say.

Much going on at home, Charlie paved the storage side of the shed.

Dad n Jack brought around the rain water tank that will nestle behind it. Had Pat around to photograph our fabulous bed for his portfolio.

Today my replacement starts, and I removed the personal pictures that hang by my desk. I've been bringing home a pair of shoes per day from the office collection.

Name preference: Elkie Winter
Best activity: Walking out to a warm morning
Adventure dreaming: Mount Bogong
Random worry: The classic, an emergency caesarean section
Reading: This birth story

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lucky blue button

It must be a good sign. 
Found on La Trobe Street

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

34 weeks

A breakfast date this morning, where my whole team surprised me. The farewells have begun.

34 weeks and wet tents in the backyard
Busy times. The parenting & breastfeeding class last week (three-and-a-half hours!), hospital tour tomorrow night, Mama Shanti workshop this Sunday and of course the excitement of assembling the stroller. And returning the crib when they sent the wrong one.

Pinterest as my note keeper for all the things we're doing and wishing around the place. My Dad, brother and dear friends assisting and offering and generally making themselves useful and life sweet. It's a strange and lovely time.

Name preference: Scout or ...
Best activity: Autumn sunshine walks
Adventure dreaming: One day we'll go to the west coast
Random worry: Sometimes, none, sometimes, all the worries of the world. Is it too late to get stretch marks? Do I ask too much?
Reading: Pulitzer Prize winner from 1960.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

High Country Family Adventure

Snowgum by Picture Point
The high country welcomed us back with rain and brilliant colours on the snowgums. A weekend of camping and touring around with some precious cargo: newbie camping family in the form of Charlie's uncle, aunt, and their two lovely kids. We camped Friday at Sheepyard Flat, Saturday by Lovick Hut and in between we toured around and tried to show them a good time. Damper in the hut by a roaring fire on Saturday was a treat.  

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

33 and whale

Just this past few days I've started to feel quite massive. My email update confirmed this is a tipping point time for many women. Well. Technically I haven't gained weight since Easter, maybe 1 kg in the past month, but there has definitely been a redistribution.

Important to note the climbing wall in backyard!
This week I have finally bought the crib and the stroller. Both were selected a while back but getting across the line seemed difficult for me, I think when they arrive it will seem like s**t has gotten real.

Next Cosmos appointment this arvo, and first childbirth class tomorrow night at the Women's.

Monday, May 05, 2014


I love marking anniversaries. Marking, more like, another excuse to remember. This time of year there's a lot of memories of people past, another reason to be tearful.

This Saturday past, the first weekend of May, is the 'anniversary' of buying this forever home. That Saturday was planned out as being really our first concerted effort toward 'house-hunting'. Somewhat belated, yes, after a 18 months of so-called house-hunting.

Sensibly, Charlie asked me to refine my long list into a short list so we concentrated our efforts in ONE neighbourhood (instead of the three I had listed: Yarraville/Newport, Moonee Ponds, Thornbury). We picked four in the west, and resolved to take our bikes to move around between the addresses.

It was a bright cool day and we were chipper as leaving Werribee, where we'd been housesitting for the Good Doctor. First house was tidy and under a flight path, ended up selling for more than $100k over the top of the range. Not for us. We rode on.

Next, to Newport. Along the waterfront which is now so familiar, by the power station, under the big bridge, by the refinery. Smelling a distinct 'industry' fume, Charlie commented that Newport wasn't going to be for us. Ha. And he loved the first house we looked at there, despite the fact it was almost uninhabitable. It has big wet holes in the wall, the floor was crazy, cats sat around throughout the inspection, the dining room with exposed bluestone was amazing. A project house. Charismatic.

Back on bikes to Yarraville where we met up with Mum and queued to get in the next house, feeling like we were at an awkward party. I liked it but it was hard to think with all the people crowded around. We went to lunch. Frying Pan joined us, no idea why she was local in the west that day. The sun was bright and delicious. We decided not to go to the Footscray listing due to Mum's intel on the railway expansion. Good call.

At Lady Moustache for a sustenance stop. 
Back on the bikes with Mum leading the way in her car. This final listing was my favourite. We still had energy for inspecting. Up the driveway. Greeted the agent, stood inside, walked through. Everything was good. Yard, floorboards, kitchen/lounge area, high ceilings, character. Um...

Friday, May 02, 2014

32 and panting

Generally feeling quite lovely and happy, with occasional pangs of sadness about missing the high country and camping this winter. Also tearful when watching 'Call the Midwife'! Picture me in my pjs on bed, legs up the wall, iPad resting on my belly, tears rolling down my face when Charlie comes to bed.

My weekly email updates provide a long list of 'physical changes' and discomforts to be felt at this stage and I feel lucky that it's really only shortness of breath that is in evidence. As she might gain anywhere between 1-2 kilos in the final couple of months, things could get interesting though. I went for a run yesterday, the same 2kms down to water, along and back, and felt no pains, just shallow breath.  

32 weeks and the climbing wall under construction