Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rolling and Evenings

Yesterday Milla howled during the afternoon attempt at nap. I went in after a while and found her on all fours in her crib, facing me, tears. So, she's rolled over. Using the bars as a tool to hoist up. So, it's hard for her to rest.

Same this arvo. Charlie got her up. He's sick and tired.

Tiny nurse. 
Sometimes we dread the evening and I say I'll put Milla to bed early. We think it'll be hard with velcro kid and no relaxing and she'll be hard work and the evening will be stressful as we're tired... It always seems to be that the next hour flies by in a delicious flurry of giggles and games.

Playing with my foot. 
Second round of conjunctivitis sent us to search for a Westside GP and we weren't disappointed. A serious, gentle and no nonsense woman who told us to bathe Milla's eye with salt water. And it's better. Just like that.

Busy days and good days, despite the lurgy. I've been for lots of runs. And went to St Kilda Readings to see John Darnielle genius read for his brill book. Milla and Charlie came for the ride and hung out on the grass while I basked in the brilliance and got my book signed. Life goes on, eh.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Milla's arms around my neck. Her right hand patting my shoulder. Her open mouth on my face. Tongue on my cheek. So much affection and crazy cute natural ways to show me. I hid under her chair yesterday as I wiped up the mealtime mess and she arched and searched. When I appeared on the other side, she clung to my arm. Looked at Charlie - 'I found her!'.

Examining her foot.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Got a cold. First time I've been crook in a year or so. Might have broken the back of it today. Charlie home all snotty. Put Milla down for a nap and she howled. And howled. So I went for a run. Came back to a sleeping baby, but forty-five minutes of howling, wah.

Milla takes big bites out of the backyard tomatoes. I'm harvesting a kilo a day still.

Learning 'no' by trying to eat leaves. 
Post-swaddle life is good. Though with the naps, it's harder to get her to rest and she pushes herself up to bang her head on the top of the crib.

Swimming lessons start this week for Milla, Mum will take her and hopefully I'll get some longer runs in.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Post-Swaddle 3

"Third verse, same as the first, just last night..."

I'm tired. But the overnight unswaddle has been great. No turning back. Already thinking about Montessori-style floor beds and the next step for this kid.

Walked to the Happy River Cafe yesterday and sprawled out with Mother's Group. It was grand. Lucky to have another mother nearby who loves to walk. Six kay walk, both ways, 2 and a half hours walking.

This morning Milla said 'Mum' at me. She says lots of different sounds, including ma-ma and duh-duh all the time but this seemed to be with intent.

Milla electing not to take an afternoon nap.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post-Swaddle 2

All good with one arm out until 2am sharp. Then two hours of howling. Pick up, rock, count backward from 100. Go to kitchen and listen to crying. Repeat. And an hour slips by. I took the other arm out. I switched the arms. I did a nappy change and mercy boob. I listened to her cry again. At 4am I heard the howls peter out and we both fell asleep. Milla woke at 930am and we began our day. 

Milla. My sweet. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But we had a very good night.

Bottle feeding.
Milla is working hard to roll herself over. She also sleeps really well. Usually she goes to bed by 9pm and wakes around 5am. Time to stop the swaddling. My plan was to have a few days of all naps with no swaddle before trying overnight. But the opportunity with Charlie being away was too good.

Yesterday Milla slept for two hours in the stroller as I pounded the westside pavement picking up local honey and beautifully pressed second hand clothes. It was 30 degrees but felt cooler. It was glorious. Hard work walking. Found the Vernon Street shops for the first time.

After lunch Milla declined to nap. I tried. She screamed. I tried. She got up and was cute. Ach.

Bedtime came a little early. Strangely I was exhausted. I left one arm out of her sleep bag. Nervously sat and waited for her to fright. Nope. Woke up at 5am for a feed. I put her back to bed in a new sleep sack with both arms out. Slept for two hours. Winning. Then she got up and ate vegemite toast. And gulped down her peach and fig porridge.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Back up to Tolmie this weekend. Much better than our first trip. Milla woke each night but I put it down to cold. So back on Gumtree to look for merino clothes! 

Watching her hands. 
I drove up Friday evening with girlfriend. We had a lovely long stop in Yea and then Milla screamed all the way to Tolmie. Horrible but we two sang and chatted and it didn't feel to angsty. 

Saturday was spent at the Tolmie Sports Day watching the woodchop, three legged races and dog jump. I went for a 4k run each day. Brilliant. 

Drive home Sunday following Produce Store visit was entirely different to Friday. Milla slept the whole way to Melbourne. So. We still can't travel in evenings. 

Home with a week ahead of no Charlie, travelling for work. I'm going to try to break the swaddle. Less at risk if we don't need to preserve his sleep for work. Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Camping. Fail.

Thankfully the drama is receding, but Milla and I had a camping fail.

A trip with a group of friends to camp at Warburton on the Yarra. We did it last year when I was pregnant and rode not quite all the way up Donna Buang. This time the dates changed and Charlie couldn't come as he was booked into a mountain biking workshop for the weekend. That's ok! Milla and I will still go! The friends who we camp with are baby-lovers and will help me with Milla. We've always had good times camping!

Happy baby at camp.
But no. Milla couldn't nap at the campground. It was noisy, and too hot in the tent. So I took her in the stroller and she snatched 2 x 45 minute stroller naps. Bedtime was ok, she fell asleep on me in the socialising marquee, I took her to the tent to nurse her a little more then put her down. It was a bit slow but ok. A bit later, I slid in next to her. She in her crib, me on the thermarest beside. I woke to her noises, of course, which we don't usually hear. She wakes, cries out without waking, goes back to rest.

Then at 2:20m she really woke. Nurse, nappy change, nurse, nappy fail, bedding wet, nappy from the car, nurse, wants to play, grizzle. I am totally panicked. It's so clear and beautiful outside. I text my friend, sleeping nearby in her van with her baby. She comes and holds Milla while I get dressed and grab gear from the tent. We get in the car and abandon camp. Tent still up. It's 3:35am and I'm driving 84km back to home.

Friday, February 06, 2015


Blue suits you like me. Yesterday you tried sipping through a straw for the first time. You were a quick learner. You also learnt to drum, following your father's instruction. We had a great day, swimming in the pool, you kicked and kicked and followed the bubbles, fighting the urge to drink the water. I ran three 3kms along the Darebin Creek. You ate almost a whole kiwi and seemed to hate every mouthful... Why did you keep coming back for more? Right now you've been asleep for 18 minutes with your arms out. Sun is shining and we're having a quiet day.

Figs are a new friend. Pre-loved and much loved dress. 
Maybe girls camping tomorrow, weather's hot, water keeps beckoning. Charlie is riding all weekend at You Yangs. Can I do it solo?

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Seven Months

Milla at seven months.

Wild Child
Milla. Tries to peak at the next page of the book. Giggles hysterically at Charlie's peak-a-boo. Can glug from her sipper cup: loves loves loves drinking water. Sits. Tries to crawl. Is still swaddled, though I'm trying to break it. Feeds from the boob so well. Chats "ne ne ne ne" and "da da da da". Can sit outside by herself for ages and watch ants and butterflies and listen to motorcycles. Occasionally will fall asleep in our arms, particularly in the evening when Charlie watches mountain biking vids on YouTube...  Can feed herself toast fingers and big chunks of dried fruit. Always loves yoghurt. Is amazed by clapping, baffled by my dancing. Wants to play with the back door chain. Very strong tummy muscles and will stay in a v-sit-up for ages. Cries getting nappy changed when tired.

Love love love this kid.