Monday, February 16, 2015


Back up to Tolmie this weekend. Much better than our first trip. Milla woke each night but I put it down to cold. So back on Gumtree to look for merino clothes! 

Watching her hands. 
I drove up Friday evening with girlfriend. We had a lovely long stop in Yea and then Milla screamed all the way to Tolmie. Horrible but we two sang and chatted and it didn't feel to angsty. 

Saturday was spent at the Tolmie Sports Day watching the woodchop, three legged races and dog jump. I went for a 4k run each day. Brilliant. 

Drive home Sunday following Produce Store visit was entirely different to Friday. Milla slept the whole way to Melbourne. So. We still can't travel in evenings. 

Home with a week ahead of no Charlie, travelling for work. I'm going to try to break the swaddle. Less at risk if we don't need to preserve his sleep for work. Wish me luck. 

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