Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Camping. Fail.

Thankfully the drama is receding, but Milla and I had a camping fail.

A trip with a group of friends to camp at Warburton on the Yarra. We did it last year when I was pregnant and rode not quite all the way up Donna Buang. This time the dates changed and Charlie couldn't come as he was booked into a mountain biking workshop for the weekend. That's ok! Milla and I will still go! The friends who we camp with are baby-lovers and will help me with Milla. We've always had good times camping!

Happy baby at camp.
But no. Milla couldn't nap at the campground. It was noisy, and too hot in the tent. So I took her in the stroller and she snatched 2 x 45 minute stroller naps. Bedtime was ok, she fell asleep on me in the socialising marquee, I took her to the tent to nurse her a little more then put her down. It was a bit slow but ok. A bit later, I slid in next to her. She in her crib, me on the thermarest beside. I woke to her noises, of course, which we don't usually hear. She wakes, cries out without waking, goes back to rest.

Then at 2:20m she really woke. Nurse, nappy change, nurse, nappy fail, bedding wet, nappy from the car, nurse, wants to play, grizzle. I am totally panicked. It's so clear and beautiful outside. I text my friend, sleeping nearby in her van with her baby. She comes and holds Milla while I get dressed and grab gear from the tent. We get in the car and abandon camp. Tent still up. It's 3:35am and I'm driving 84km back to home.

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