Friday, February 06, 2015


Blue suits you like me. Yesterday you tried sipping through a straw for the first time. You were a quick learner. You also learnt to drum, following your father's instruction. We had a great day, swimming in the pool, you kicked and kicked and followed the bubbles, fighting the urge to drink the water. I ran three 3kms along the Darebin Creek. You ate almost a whole kiwi and seemed to hate every mouthful... Why did you keep coming back for more? Right now you've been asleep for 18 minutes with your arms out. Sun is shining and we're having a quiet day.

Figs are a new friend. Pre-loved and much loved dress. 
Maybe girls camping tomorrow, weather's hot, water keeps beckoning. Charlie is riding all weekend at You Yangs. Can I do it solo?

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