Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Goodbye Corockinrolla

Tomorrow some guy I don't know will come to my place when I'm not here. He'll get my car keys, held together with a rubber band, from the letterbox, and head up to my car, by the Corner Store. Then he'll get into it and drive it away.

Vale, lil car, you have been so good to me.

I bought that car from a nice man in Silver Street back in May 2005. I think I paid about $1800, sourced from a loan from a friend and a cash advance on my credit card. Those were the days.

The car has never failed to start or broken down. It has been in so many accidents, always with me at the wheel. It's driven to Canberra and back twice, to the High Country with Charlie so many times, to Cape Conran, Lorne and survived happy sad lonely and fun times.

Now I am donating it to Kids Under Cover.