Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nearly Five Months

Nearly five months! Charlie is wondering what Milla's Christmas food will be. She's been having sweet potato dinner every night, such an enthusiastic eater. We've padded out the seat of her chair so she can sit up with us at the bench. Look at her feet! So cute. 

Working on her glares. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


A quiet morning here, listening to the rain come and go. Baby sleeping. Dark grey everywhere.

A week slid by, busy times from birthday to Christmas and soon Milla will be six months old. The past week I had two exhausting crying (her, not me) afternoons, a day at uni, a horrible evening on Friday with a hysterical Milla, and a long busy but lovely weekend.

Milla has had sweet potato dinner twice now, after her 5:30pm feed. We may have a new little routine. She pulls a very disgusted face but keeps on taking the spoon and may have even swallowed a little food.

New toy, tired face. 
I went to a baby and kid gear market yesterday, freaked out as I walked in, the sheer busyness and pink of all the second hand clothes. I like markets but maybe not inside? Somehow I managed to get over myself and buy some stuff, toys for 50 cents each, some fabric books for Milla too, and a few pieces of clothes. I discovered the very cute Swedish brand Polarn o. Pyret when buying some green harem style pants for Milla.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Eating and Drinking

I read a comment on a blog regarding 'baby lead weaning', with a mother wondering how you would know a baby is 'interested' in food. Ha, Milla is so interested, it's unmistakable. She may have swallowed her first sweet potato on Saturday, and we've been practicing 'sipping'.

Watching Charlie eat.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Birthday

It was a muted and delightful birthday for me this year. A number of breakfasts, leading into brunches, flowers brought, a lovely baby, a turn around the old hood, some loading up a of a trailer to take junk to the tip (best birthday present!), reading of the latest Vanity Fair, salads, snags and a couple of visitors in the eve, including Jack with a classic trick gift, beautifully wrapped.

We went to find me some cycling shoes, while I was getting fitted (into men's shoes), Charlie and Milla checked out bikes for when she gets a bit bigger.

Knows what she likes.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Odd Spot

Milla had new overalls made for her, custom made, based on my love of this picture, which I posted when about four months pregnant. She tried them on and we strolled to my local cafe, a place where babies get admired. She was sleepy, cute, looking at traffic, licking the bib of the overalls, then hungry, then asleep.

Rolls and spots. 


Morning walk in the yard, girls in pyjamas. Milla now grabs at the trees, I tell her about the nectarines and apricots she'll be eating this summer.

Any resemblance? 
Had an exciting day on Tuesday, when Milla was inadvertently offered honey... Not recommended for babies due to bacteria and risk of botulism. Eep! She's had no symptoms of anything untoward and has eaten just fine since, phew. Just for some more excitement, that evening we had her four-month immunisations, which we walked to in the evening sunshine as a family. She howled for a few terrible seconds, then was soothed by a cuddle and after a few hours forgot about her chubby thighs being pricked.

Her high chair arrived in the post but it was hilarious to put her in it, she's too small, or too short perhaps. So she'll eat on our laps, methinks.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Belated Bedroom

During my pregnancy, I was asked endlessly how the nursery was coming along. Today we started.

It involved putting Milla to sleep on our bed, then quietly moving half a room of junk/gear to the Ballroom. A quick vacuum, hang the bunting and mobile, place the crib, move the bookshelf, arrange select books and toys. The room is still half full of gear/junk but Milla has had her first sleep in her very own bedroom.

She's a winter baby, and seems to be a little unsettled by the heat. She's been getting around in a nappy and heat rash and this afternoon we draped a wet flannel over her round tummy. 

Happy to have Charlie home from work on Friday. 
We're still feeding the same routine (6:30, 10:30, 2:30, 5:30, 8:30) but this week I need to get organised to feed her solids. She's reaching for spoons, holding the side of cups and licking her lips when we eat. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Good morning

Waking Milla up. It's 6:30 and I've had breakfast and hung the washing, read some internet, straightened the kitchen and who knows how long my boobs have been leaking for.

Down the hall, don't need to be quiet. I peer in, the back of her head visible in the crib in the corner. No movement. I want to let her sleep. 

Trying swaddle-free.
I call out "good morning", and she stirs, eyes firmly closed. Sitting down next to her, I say it's time to get up, stroke the blanket and start to pull it back and unwind the swaddle. A little frown develops, her feet kick up, arms stretching strong overhead as released. Eyes closed, bottom lip spreading.

I say, "up, up", and pick Milla up, her arms around my neck and shoulder. I love this feeling. She's still asleep, nuzzled in deep. Slowly down the dark hall, I sit down, gently swing her on to my lap and as she starts to whimper, set her to feed.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Sunday afternoon

A trip to the market, just across the way at the Substation. Farmer's Market outside, Artist's Market inside. Perfect. Got Gippsland garlic, some fruit pies, cheese, apples, and birthday presents. Milla fell asleep on the way home.

One sock off. Love those cheeks.
Birthday season is here and last night Milla saw her first birthday candles. It was so wonderful to watch her face. Even more was just how loved she is by family. Got a fab gift from stepsister, accurate right down to the father's eyebrows...

We sure are... 

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Healing and Stepping

Second shot at Bikram. The instructor managed to slip in a theme of 'healing' amongst the rigid Bikram script. At first I didn't really listen or hearing any meaning, but after a while, in the floor series, I realised that it did mean something to me. I am healing. My body is strong, healthy, but still recovering from childbirth and from daily baby-mustering and feeding. My pelvic floor and abdominal muscles still are healing. This is why I'm at yoga and not running! It was so interesting to think about a need to nurture and recover, and to turn towards healing practices.

Charlie took care of Milla while I went to the class, and when I returned she has some more floor baby play time, on her back, rolling side-to-side, then on her tummy, so close to crawling. Then we stood her up, her favourite position. Charlie had her arms lightly and she did something new: put one foot in front of the other, then again, then again. Maybe it was because she was wearing her new Superbaby singlet?

We think she's super.