Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Good morning

Waking Milla up. It's 6:30 and I've had breakfast and hung the washing, read some internet, straightened the kitchen and who knows how long my boobs have been leaking for.

Down the hall, don't need to be quiet. I peer in, the back of her head visible in the crib in the corner. No movement. I want to let her sleep. 

Trying swaddle-free.
I call out "good morning", and she stirs, eyes firmly closed. Sitting down next to her, I say it's time to get up, stroke the blanket and start to pull it back and unwind the swaddle. A little frown develops, her feet kick up, arms stretching strong overhead as released. Eyes closed, bottom lip spreading.

I say, "up, up", and pick Milla up, her arms around my neck and shoulder. I love this feeling. She's still asleep, nuzzled in deep. Slowly down the dark hall, I sit down, gently swing her on to my lap and as she starts to whimper, set her to feed.

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