Monday, November 24, 2014


A quiet morning here, listening to the rain come and go. Baby sleeping. Dark grey everywhere.

A week slid by, busy times from birthday to Christmas and soon Milla will be six months old. The past week I had two exhausting crying (her, not me) afternoons, a day at uni, a horrible evening on Friday with a hysterical Milla, and a long busy but lovely weekend.

Milla has had sweet potato dinner twice now, after her 5:30pm feed. We may have a new little routine. She pulls a very disgusted face but keeps on taking the spoon and may have even swallowed a little food.

New toy, tired face. 
I went to a baby and kid gear market yesterday, freaked out as I walked in, the sheer busyness and pink of all the second hand clothes. I like markets but maybe not inside? Somehow I managed to get over myself and buy some stuff, toys for 50 cents each, some fabric books for Milla too, and a few pieces of clothes. I discovered the very cute Swedish brand Polarn o. Pyret when buying some green harem style pants for Milla.

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