Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Spring and flowers

When I get home, I know they've been out for a trike walk as there are flowers all over the front step. A little trail. I open up and walk through the house. All quiet. Milla is leading Charlie around the backyard. She turns, her face is puffy from crying. Teething. The yard is green and it is a beautiful mild spring evening. Just gone 7pm.

First run this morning, post half marathon. Left calf still aches. Supermoon hanging over Newport at 6am. Milla wakes late, happy and helps in the yard.

Helping sort rubble in backyard.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Grampians Paradise 4

The two nights at Paradise near Pomonal are not enough. We supersized our trip and spent two cool nights at Jimmy Creek Campground first up. It was a mad drive up on Wednesday, I was on the phone, texting, chatting and working. New job in the works and lots going on. Lunchstop in Beaufort.

By the lake at Grampians Paradise.
This was our first tent camping since the big trip before I went back to work. It was clear Milla had no memory of camping. Arriving at the campground she was clearly overwhelmed by the place, particularly the cockatoos. She settled in and was very good at staying safe around hazards like creeks and fires. Importantly, she slept well. I noticed three huge molars finally have sprouted (maybe two months of work there?) and she occasionally pawed at her mouth and drooled. So we gave her some painkillers.

Four nights of sleeping in her own tent. She practically leapt from our arms at bedtime to get into her cot. And when she was beat yesterday afternoon, she went and sat in the cot quietly. She had late bedtimes, it was bright and interesting so it tended to be after 8pm. And then we all slept in, 7am or after.

Milla under cake screen. Check the photo from last year.
It was different and the same with the crew. Now lots of babies. Lots of work. Milla was bowling them all over. Everyone overcatered, that was the same. Weather was great, as usual. It was too hurried and I just wanted to chat chat chat with my friends but it was hard to find the space.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I've considered cutting her hair. It's long and thick and so beautiful. It sticks on her snotty nose and gets porridge wiped in it and is wild in the mornings and she can't see. She pulls out ties and clips. Childcare returns her to me with braids, perfect.

Train ride home, always making friends.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Bike til you barf. 
Loves it when the trike is pushed down bumpy lanes or Charlie shoots it super fast. Can say 'mwah'! Ate a whole mango at lunch.

Friday, October 02, 2015

15 months

Says "ear". Can find her nose and yours. Understands when I say "both hands" when on the trike. Will stand up in the bath when she's done. Hates the ocean. First trip to zoo. Loves curry by the bowl fulls. Rarely sits still for a book now. Loves the climbing wall. Says "taaaaa" and gives you tiny tiny things. Picks her nose. Hates getting her nappy changed. Can take her top off over her head. Very steady on her feet. Very good with dogs, courageous and mostly gentle. Flat tummy in morning and huge round belly by evening. Loves to drink water. Still has a 150ml bottle of cow milk before bed.

Williamstown Beach. Milla 15 months.