Monday, June 06, 2005

Too Many Secrets

Was thinking on the weekend that I've got too many disguises to have such a public thing as a blog. What was I thinking? I guess if I travel it's a good thing to have but at the moment I'm soooo boring, doing the work work work thing :(
I just got a RANDOM compliment from a dude who works somewhere on my floor. I've never spoken to him and just then he popped his head in and said "Nice jumper". I was so shocked, I said "NICE JUMPER?!" and he replied "Yeah, nice jumper". I thanked him and he disappeared again.
The jumper is one that I kept thinking was so ridiculous I should just turf it at many stages while I was away - it nearly didn't leave London with me and then nearly didn't come home from Vilnius. But now, it's all worth it for a random compliment.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Happy Birthday Teacher

If you know Teacher, you know she is just amazing, such a brain, such a lovely heart. It's her birthday today and she deserves to celebrate... PhD candidature submitted this week, no sleep for at least a month... We missed our regular Tuesday arvo cuppa and natter yesterday so I'm feeling a bit out of sorts :(

Anyways, welcome to the Lament.

I'm now counting down to my show... 3 weeks til it opens. The world holds its breath... The Blue Line opens on 23rd June, at the world-famous Eltham Library Community Gallery. The opening will be a star-studded event, to be sure. See you there.