Friday, February 28, 2014

Something lovely in the post

Special delivery. Love and thanks. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

XX3 Cosmos

Name preference: Willow
Best activity: Running for the train and making it.
Adventure dreaming: Singapore
Random worry: Ingesting black mould
Reading: Consolations of the Forest

After the hospital appointment last week I did a lot of googling of 'cosmos' which was mentioned by the midwife (super chipper, Melissa or Michelle, perhaps). I found out it was a study completed by La Trobe Uni into models of midwifery care that reduce Caesarean rates. Though there was nothing online about the adoption of the model of care at the Royal Women's, it sounded good! A small team of four midwives gets assigned to you; you meet all of them; one will be your lead; you will likely have them at your birth; you get a special number to call that goes direct to this team; call them day or night, they are dedicated to you and will know who you are so you don't need to re-present yourself. Your partner can stay with you at the hospital, but you must leave after 24 hours. 

Bustling to a massage, I got the call to say I was in the cosmos program; I was surprised just how delighted I was. It means for sure I'm low-risk as that's a condition of entry. It makes me feel better about going to the hospital. I'm excited to meet them. 

Following the massage, for which the set-up was quite hilarious: a mountain of pillows on the table, to cradle my tummy, I was taking the seven flights downstairs and bumped into a nun I see around occasionally. She is a beatific creature, dispensing warm greetings as though I'm a treasured friend. This time she says "How are you - oh! How are BOTH of you?"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Can't do anything right

ADHD linked to use of paracetamol during pregnancy #abcnews

Thursday, February 20, 2014

XXII first hospital appointment

Yes, same outfit as Monday.. 
Exactly 22 weeks and all my dates correct and confirmed. We spent four hours yesterday afternoon at the Royal Women's, having a 50 minute appointment with a chipper and young midwife and about 15 minutes with a doctor. In between we watched all the other pregnant women and their families, and the screens which showed breastfeeding instructional videos. 

Big rain yesterday and we watched with frustration as our new gutters failed in multiple places. We realise they are purely ornamental. 

Went for another 3km run, that makes seven runs in the past month, all about 19 minutes. It feels hard and good, which is usually how running feels to me!

Name preference: Indi
Best activity: Watching grass grow in the backyard (see left side of pic above)
Adventure dreaming: Tomorrow to Grampians. 
Random worry: I want my child to be perfect (not so random)
Reading: A list of great reads from JCW for my year ahead

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

XXI rocking

Saw Eddie Vedder last night. Was all about the ukulele. Set list. I wonder what the little one made of it all. There was some very pregnant ladies in the foyer after so that made me feel relieved. 

A dear friend, EJW, is getting married next month and I was thinking of love lyrics for her ceremony and came up with the following.
"Longing To Belong"
I'm falling harder than I've
ever fell before
I'm falling fast while hoping
I'll land in your arms
'cause all my time is spent here
longing to belong
to you
I dream of circles perfect
eyes within your face
my heart's an open wound that
only you'd replace
and though the moon is rising
can't put your picture down
love can be frightening when you fall 
And when the time is right, I
hope that you'll respond
like when the wind gets tired
the ocean becomes calm
I may be dreaming but I'm
longing to belong
to you

Matching white t-shirts and black shorts/pants at the Junction Hotel for pre-gig dinner. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

XXI maternity fashion

Best activity: taking my shoes off at work
Adventure dreaming: holiday shacks on NZ south island east coast
Random worry: going to loud concerts will harm my baby
Reading: forum threads about four wheel driving while pregnant or with babies
The daily fashion crises and the weekly weight gain (250gms!) got to me. The recommendation from trusted sources was Topshop Maternity. Charlie refused to join me on the mission to Knifepoint, but he missed out. As well as some larger undies, I got sorted with some 'skinny leg' black pants that I can imagine wearing every day.
The Topshop experience took place 20 minutes to closing on a sunny Sunday afternoon and rather quickly after entering the shop, I was somehow assigned a personal stylist. She trailed me around and set me up in a huge special change room. She said I had the glow.
I bought a dress and top as well and may begin a fashion diary as getting out of the house and feeling presentable feel like something worth celebrating. 

Featuring: famous Topshop maternity pant + non-maternity blue top + Christmas gift necklace + visible bump

Saturday, February 15, 2014

XXI from the mountain top

Listening to soft rain on the tent. Late morning and crows calling. I'm so cosy and the air is fresh and grass-sweet. I can just see the single summit tree through the fog. I'm lying on my left, feeling my heart beat. This place always welcomes us home.
Three cars have crawled past. I greeted the first but didn't bother after. Just now I heard a thud. Series of thuds. The little tent, my resting body, are right by the track. Six horses were stepping past. I greeted the riders in their driz-a-bones and broad hats.
Mt Stirling

Friday, February 14, 2014

XXI Valentine's Dream

In my dream there was a small baby in grey pants with white dots and press studs. It was telling me it needed new pants. I wasn't organised. It was a mundane moment, soft and normal.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

XXI alive and kicking

I'm both sentimental and forgetful. This week a year ago things were very different and I'm reflecting on a very big year behind - setting aside the year ahead! A decade ago we were in Daukšos Gatvė and hosted a fabulous party with all manner of unknown new friends and warm wine, Outkast blaring and new lovers around. 

Feeling rounded though well. Yoga is harder. Sleeping still good. I think the weight I've added is about right though I feel weaker which is frustrating.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

XX and Westside Times

Sunrise run and I had to stop to capture the vista. Every time I go down to the waterfront I love it again and more. 

Saturday night we jumped out of the heat haze and got a train cityward, but got off at Yarraville to look at movie times. We'd just missed a block starting so wandered to a lil Japanese place for dinner. It had a sushi train that had novelty boats. Japanese seems like a good option for me as they have lots of vege friendly options and small dishes so I can eat the right amount. If only alcohol free Asahi existed.

We had 30+ minutes to wait for next train so decided to walk. It was a long hot and sometimes weird walk as we tramped through Yarraville and Spotswood along roads where the only pedestrians were rats. 

We resolved to watch Con Air if we ever made it home. 

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Monday, February 03, 2014

19 weeks and feeling it

Lovely busy times with beach, river, visits, breezes and goodness. Friday we used our patio for BBQ and relaxed together before hosting. Early start for a kayaking lesson and accidental swim... Then to the coast where I should have taken photos of the beach/house to share how beautiful and relaxing it was.

Some anxieties with bodily conditions. I booked into the Doc after being told by another soon-to-be-mother that I had somehow missed getting lots of the checkups and info she already had. Silly.

Name preference: Della
Best activity: Legs up wall or sunset stroll
Adventure dreaming: Mt Speculation
Random worry: Varicose veins
Reading: Job applications, the 52 project, blogs about varicose veins.

At home, ready for work. Last time I can fit into blue suit (until...).