Sunday, February 09, 2014

XX and Westside Times

Sunrise run and I had to stop to capture the vista. Every time I go down to the waterfront I love it again and more. 

Saturday night we jumped out of the heat haze and got a train cityward, but got off at Yarraville to look at movie times. We'd just missed a block starting so wandered to a lil Japanese place for dinner. It had a sushi train that had novelty boats. Japanese seems like a good option for me as they have lots of vege friendly options and small dishes so I can eat the right amount. If only alcohol free Asahi existed.

We had 30+ minutes to wait for next train so decided to walk. It was a long hot and sometimes weird walk as we tramped through Yarraville and Spotswood along roads where the only pedestrians were rats. 

We resolved to watch Con Air if we ever made it home. 

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