Tuesday, February 18, 2014

XXI maternity fashion

Best activity: taking my shoes off at work
Adventure dreaming: holiday shacks on NZ south island east coast
Random worry: going to loud concerts will harm my baby
Reading: forum threads about four wheel driving while pregnant or with babies
The daily fashion crises and the weekly weight gain (250gms!) got to me. The recommendation from trusted sources was Topshop Maternity. Charlie refused to join me on the mission to Knifepoint, but he missed out. As well as some larger undies, I got sorted with some 'skinny leg' black pants that I can imagine wearing every day.
The Topshop experience took place 20 minutes to closing on a sunny Sunday afternoon and rather quickly after entering the shop, I was somehow assigned a personal stylist. She trailed me around and set me up in a huge special change room. She said I had the glow.
I bought a dress and top as well and may begin a fashion diary as getting out of the house and feeling presentable feel like something worth celebrating. 

Featuring: famous Topshop maternity pant + non-maternity blue top + Christmas gift necklace + visible bump

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