Thursday, February 20, 2014

XXII first hospital appointment

Yes, same outfit as Monday.. 
Exactly 22 weeks and all my dates correct and confirmed. We spent four hours yesterday afternoon at the Royal Women's, having a 50 minute appointment with a chipper and young midwife and about 15 minutes with a doctor. In between we watched all the other pregnant women and their families, and the screens which showed breastfeeding instructional videos. 

Big rain yesterday and we watched with frustration as our new gutters failed in multiple places. We realise they are purely ornamental. 

Went for another 3km run, that makes seven runs in the past month, all about 19 minutes. It feels hard and good, which is usually how running feels to me!

Name preference: Indi
Best activity: Watching grass grow in the backyard (see left side of pic above)
Adventure dreaming: Tomorrow to Grampians. 
Random worry: I want my child to be perfect (not so random)
Reading: A list of great reads from JCW for my year ahead

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