Thursday, February 27, 2014

XX3 Cosmos

Name preference: Willow
Best activity: Running for the train and making it.
Adventure dreaming: Singapore
Random worry: Ingesting black mould
Reading: Consolations of the Forest

After the hospital appointment last week I did a lot of googling of 'cosmos' which was mentioned by the midwife (super chipper, Melissa or Michelle, perhaps). I found out it was a study completed by La Trobe Uni into models of midwifery care that reduce Caesarean rates. Though there was nothing online about the adoption of the model of care at the Royal Women's, it sounded good! A small team of four midwives gets assigned to you; you meet all of them; one will be your lead; you will likely have them at your birth; you get a special number to call that goes direct to this team; call them day or night, they are dedicated to you and will know who you are so you don't need to re-present yourself. Your partner can stay with you at the hospital, but you must leave after 24 hours. 

Bustling to a massage, I got the call to say I was in the cosmos program; I was surprised just how delighted I was. It means for sure I'm low-risk as that's a condition of entry. It makes me feel better about going to the hospital. I'm excited to meet them. 

Following the massage, for which the set-up was quite hilarious: a mountain of pillows on the table, to cradle my tummy, I was taking the seven flights downstairs and bumped into a nun I see around occasionally. She is a beatific creature, dispensing warm greetings as though I'm a treasured friend. This time she says "How are you - oh! How are BOTH of you?"


Anonymous said...

Note to self - read this more often. I like the repetition in the beginning. - Sarah A

Roxanne Silk said...

Wow, C is better than described! And YOU look bodacious.

Bonnie Conquest said...

Thanks both, come back anytime :)