Wednesday, February 19, 2014

XXI rocking

Saw Eddie Vedder last night. Was all about the ukulele. Set list. I wonder what the little one made of it all. There was some very pregnant ladies in the foyer after so that made me feel relieved. 

A dear friend, EJW, is getting married next month and I was thinking of love lyrics for her ceremony and came up with the following.
"Longing To Belong"
I'm falling harder than I've
ever fell before
I'm falling fast while hoping
I'll land in your arms
'cause all my time is spent here
longing to belong
to you
I dream of circles perfect
eyes within your face
my heart's an open wound that
only you'd replace
and though the moon is rising
can't put your picture down
love can be frightening when you fall 
And when the time is right, I
hope that you'll respond
like when the wind gets tired
the ocean becomes calm
I may be dreaming but I'm
longing to belong
to you

Matching white t-shirts and black shorts/pants at the Junction Hotel for pre-gig dinner. 

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