Friday, May 29, 2015


Turns out it's week 22 and therefor I'm somewhat behind. I was making up the week numbers as I went so it's not really a surprise.

Eating dirt.
Week 22 is the week the leads us to Milla being 11 months. She's sleeping a lot, talking a lot, got shiny hair that is growing fast. She's still really good at hugs. While we waited for Charlie yesterday evening, she helped me weed the driveway and in a few minutes learn the word 'moon', not to say, but could identify when asked where it was.

Week 22 was childcare orientation. Yesterday five hours. I steadied myself. Milla ate, played, napped, ate and played. She is one of the more roly-poly kids there. And boisterous, but generally quiet.

Week 22 is my last week of leave, last week of this mad, wonderful year. I love my career but I also feel like my heart and soul are going to be bruised with the upcoming change.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Child care orientation. I'm sobbing in the corridor. Milla bewildered and quiet on the floor in 'Koala' room. Can't believe how hard this feels. I just want to hold her.

Peeping in on her.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Home time. Long lush grass in yard. Milla reacquainting herself with her home (and back to sleeping well). First glance at childcare centre. Last days and weeks of leave for me (and Charlie). Swimming lessons for Milla. Trying new yoga studios for me.

Milla learnt how to grin, hug, and say 'bird' on the trip. Breastfeeding is a thing of the past (nearly... just one half-hearted feed ever other morning).

First try of chocolate.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Milla roughing and racing on the trampoline in the Newcastle sun. She's eating heaps, can stand for a tiny moment. Can climb stairs. Really hates getting her nappy changed. Has had some huge splinters. Said 'tea' today. Has perfected cuddling. Is waking at 2am for a feed. Her only breastfeed now. Babbling sentences now. Understands that 'no' means 'stop what you're doing'. Knows the words 'apple', 'button', 'flags'.

So much fun with this kid.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Day 15

In sunny Newcastle. It's been a long crazy  week. Milla teething, not sleeping, crying on the drives.

We arrived in Newcastle to a forecast of fine weather. The city displayed uprooted and broken trees from a mad Anzac storm.

Last night was a milestone of a different sort. Charlie and I went out for dinner, like the old days. Ten months!  My dear friend and host looked after Milla and we came home (90 minutes later!) to a sleeping baby who slept the night for the first time in a while.

In the four days here we've had a very relaxed pace, walking along the foreshore, visiting new café, going for runs, a visit to the playground, Charlie riding and Milla being spoilt with games and attention from the 5 and 7 year olds.

Crawling in Newcastle. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015


At groovy New Acton in the warm Sunday sun. Milla looks changed. And very beautiful. Charlie looks into her mouth and sees perhaps four or five teeth. Far out.

Peaceful and curious.

Day 10

In Canberra. Changing plans. Last night the new plan was to head home today, abort the mission. We had a very clingy tearful baby at Kosciusko and it was hard. The drive on to Byron Bay seemed an absurd challenge.

Sitting in suburbia amongst beautiful autumn leaves and mild weather, warm sun. Our first difficult dinner out last night. My friend, with her twin three year olds, us, Milla howling and refusing to be put down. The little ones sung to Milla.

We camped in the backyard, mild night and Milla slept well. We got up at 6:37. New plan. No Byron, on slowly to Newcastle. 

National Portrait Gallery. 

Friday, May 01, 2015

Ten Months

Day seven of the adventure. A new day dawns after a good sleep for all. Milla has a new tooth and is ten months old. We walked up towards Mount Kosciusko today. It felt like a very long time since I had hiked or walked along in the Alpine air.

Mt Koz National Park. 
Ten months. Milla is cheerful, crawls and crawls and wants to walk. Talks lots in her language, said Dad, says Mum but not really to me. Gets loud before she sleeps. Still loves books, beats her heels with excitement when sat down to read. Plays games with her mouth and stills chats sternly with Alpi.

Yesterday was tough as Milla didn't sleep well, we had to pack up and head off the mountain and on to the ACT for our stay near Jindabyne. Milla was great during the extended pack up but at some point began crying inconsolably. It was horrible. At some point, just before lunch at Corryong, I discovered a new tooth. Hallelujah. We celebrated with 1.5 ml of Panadol.

Tallangatta. Worst day of trip.