Friday, May 01, 2015

Ten Months

Day seven of the adventure. A new day dawns after a good sleep for all. Milla has a new tooth and is ten months old. We walked up towards Mount Kosciusko today. It felt like a very long time since I had hiked or walked along in the Alpine air.

Mt Koz National Park. 
Ten months. Milla is cheerful, crawls and crawls and wants to walk. Talks lots in her language, said Dad, says Mum but not really to me. Gets loud before she sleeps. Still loves books, beats her heels with excitement when sat down to read. Plays games with her mouth and stills chats sternly with Alpi.

Yesterday was tough as Milla didn't sleep well, we had to pack up and head off the mountain and on to the ACT for our stay near Jindabyne. Milla was great during the extended pack up but at some point began crying inconsolably. It was horrible. At some point, just before lunch at Corryong, I discovered a new tooth. Hallelujah. We celebrated with 1.5 ml of Panadol.

Tallangatta. Worst day of trip.

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