Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 5 sick baby

We (I ) overheated Milla and didn't quite clue on to the reason for her unsettled night until yesterday morning. Poor lil sausage was baking. I'm not used to sleeping in a place with such effective heating!

Was anxious to rehydrate Milla in the morning and she had a good breakfast, but when we had to wake her from her morning nap so we could head to Mt Beauty for lunch, she was lackluster. Refused lunch and gave us a sooky face for 90 minutes. Refused to use her cup, which she usually attacks with gusto.

Getting in the car to head back to Falls, she vomited. First time in her little life. Definitely out of sorts. We spent the afternoon trying not to worry and giving her cuddles. A relief when she ate dinner, had bottle, boob and went to bed. Her snot woke her and us a few times but upon rising we have less worry and more pep. Milla was pointing at the currawongs and eating porridge, good signs of life. 

Monitoring birdlife.
Wheels up tomorrow as we begin the delayed trek north. It's been great at Falls and from Day One I wanted to make an Anzac stay here an annual event.

View towards dam wall from aqueduct on my run.

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