Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 2 Snow

Woke to heavy rain then snow. More than a dusting. We stayed in the tent for it to ease off before starting the day. Milla sat and ate cold sausage for breakfast! Some hunting dogs came sniffing around.

A long dirt track driving day, like the old days. Crisp high country air and mud all over Sooty. Milla napped and we stopped and snacked at Lake Buffalo, then late café lunch in Myrtleford.

We'd searched and searched for accommodation at Falls Creek and eventually found a lodge that sleeps... oh maybe 30? We're the only booking so it feels terribly palatial, especially given the fancy kitchen.

Charlie and I are drinking cups of tea and listening to Milla shriek, debating a little whether to retrieve her from her cot two floors away. 

Morning snow on tent at Stirling. 

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