Friday, April 10, 2015


Milla crawled yesterday. She has been doing some downward dog style poses and lots of pivoting. Yesterday after an epic grocery walk, I unpacked her and the groceries and working in the kitchen while she played in the hall on the carpet. Fifteen minutes playing with a packet of chewing gum. Then she crawled towards me.

When Charlie got home she did he customary shrieks, actually holding her breath with excitement. He knelt to her and put his wallet with keys down and she crawled forward to it. Yays! Milla has been so into standing lately that we'd thought she might not crawl, just go straight to upright.

Yesterday we also dropped the 5pm breastfeed. I realised it's been months since I breastfed in public. Now it's just morning and evening, in Milla's dark room.

At State Library for Baby Bounce session.

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