Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look for me here

I'm going camping. Not too far, somewhere pretty. Love the love. Happy Easter.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Every day I ride to work, carry my bike up the stairs, and enter my office at 8am.
I get a glass of cold water, switch on the fan and take a first look at my emails and try to cool down.
Then I pull the blind down and stand as far into the corner as I can to change clothes. I change everything; fresh bra, undies, shirt, everything. I always wonder if someone has seen me as I'm looking down to pull my pants on or fasten my bra.
Just now, I went to close the window as it's starting to heat up and I saw a guy in his bright orange jocks climbing into his suit pants in the office downstairs. He must ride to work too. He must think no-one can see him.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Second of Three

Charlie says I cried more in We Own The Night than in Intimate Enemies. Hmm. Could it be the Hollywood-Hot factor? Intimate Enemies screens as part of the French Film Festival and is yet another film about the French war in Algeria. Probably the most harrowing, too. The story, of course, is tragic, but the way the drama is crafted and visually expressed was spot-on. It does star Albert Dupontel, whom I love. You may remember him from such French films as Irreversible... And I watched him play a sexy lovable cad in Odette Toulemonde, which screens not only on Vietnam Airlines but also at the Film Fest which is on all this week.

Next is a preview screening of Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead this weekend. That's three movies in a week. Yes, we have no TV, yes we have no DVD player.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It was nice and cozy, and more than a little daggy, down at the All Nations on Friday night. Whilst I wasn't colluding with my competitors, I was drinking great pints of beer and eating bangers n mash. Lucky me, I was with my two favourite boys: Mister Charlie and Master Jack. My lover and my brother. Jack's done the wise thing and moved into the hood so he is a stone's throw from the All Nations, a milk bar and the commission flats. Oh, and just over the hill from us. How sweet it is.

Saturday night I sat in the cinema watching previews for some 'scary movies' when the bloke two seats away suddenly and sharply called out in pain and convulsed in his chair. Needless to say I was clamping down on Charlie's arm quite hard. I think the moviegoer had a new pacemaker fitted recently and it was playing up. He settled back down and then screamed out in pain one more; his wife and friends were attending to him and the surrounding patrons were all peering over nervously. After that show was over, the movie started - no opening credits, just a sexy opening scene with Joaquin Pheonix and Eva Mendes....