Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Baby Jail

We're at this stage.

Baby jail purchased not for punishment but because Milla is now trying to pull herself up. It's awesome. Nine months old tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I took some paparazzi shots of Charlie and Milla sitting on the bluestone step in the yard, peeping from the window. Then Charlie got up and peeped Milla around at me. So good. 

Who's that peeping? 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Charlie sold some bike gear on eBay and declared the profits would be available for new books. Awesome.

Milla has had books read to her since her first weeks. Guess How Much I Love You was read many times in the Ballroom to the tiny infant.

Then we were given Lost and Found and Maisy's Colours and they become firm favourites.

A few others have joined the repertoire. Since Christmas, Charlie and I learnt Each Peach Pear Plum by heart and Where is the Green Sheep gets lots of grins from Milla. She now points at elements in the pictures (pointing is her favourite thing this week) and tries to turn pages. She rocks and reaches and is very happy to be read to and unless exhausted will want more and more.

So the family excursion to Readings finally happened yesterday (after Ikea! We must be mad!). We spent $95 in twenty minutes, anxious to get back on the road before Milla let us know she was tired.

Readings haul at home. 
It was fun and mad. We three picked up books and quickly read them. The Mix it Up book was the only one I'd already seem before. Though I've coveted the black and white fabric books. Perfect for little ones. How to Catch a Start is by Oliver Jeffers, who we love from Lost and Found. It's going to be fun reading these!


Did my second of two photography classes last night. Lucky me I know someone who would come to me. So we took photos down at the waterfront at the end of my street.

First portrait of Milla with technical intent.
My brain was emptied almost completely of all the technical photography know how from school and when I had my lovely Pentax and amazing Zenit. I was starting again.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Long night, slow morning, strange days. Great light.

Waking up in travel bed at Castlemaine.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Another girls' overnight trip. In Castlemaine to see art and friend. Milla and I have house to ourselves, it's cosy and strange. Lucky I have lived with this dear friend before, stops the house from being too spooky.

Outside gallery, playing. 

Milla barely slept last night (and me too, having brief nightmares about Milla taking a huge fall). She was so hot to touch and very upset. When Chemist Warehouse opened at 830am, I was there to purchase a thermometer. She registered 37ish and perked up a little. We hit the road.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Friends for dinner last night and Milla clapped. She does a lot of things with her hands but this was the first time clapping. Very exciting. Yesterday morning I collected her from bed to race of to Pilates and she was all sleepy on her tummy. Progress there too.

Few days have passed in the last eight months with no photos of Milla. Yesterday was one. Here's a pic from Monday instead as Charlie introduced her to a new toy.

Bit exciting.
This time last year we were in New Zealand and I was 25 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Time flies. Life marches on. We are now in the gap where I have no income, after my work maternity leave has run out and the government parental scheme. A few weeks from now and we'll be back on the road, headed north, Buller again, Jindabyne, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Nowra... A month of life on the road before I return to work. Eep.

Monday, March 09, 2015


Running low on photos. Thank goodness I'm doing a photo course next week. Expect huge improvements here. Huge.

Just woke up. 
Just back from three days up Mount Buller, a very different high country weekend. Charlie competing mountain biking and us girls hanging out. We feared it would be long boring days on the summit, but Milla and I managed to socialise and really enjoy the gorgeous weather and relaxed pace. Charlie's races started later in the day so we enjoyed mornings together and Milla slept well so we were all happy. So much to say.

Tried a run around the village, hills and thin air made it so challenging! I was dreaming of the long flats.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Yesterday was a baby-led weaning kind of day so Milla didn't eat much. Woke at 1:45am and got a bonus feed. Most times I go to collect her from her room, she's on her tummy. Here's her snotty sleepy face with pink cheek from rubbing on her bed this morning as I cycled on the stationary bike unawares. She's got some beautiful block sets from family which can be used for all different types of activity. Here she's using a wooden set for drumming.

Baby Milla at work.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

8/52 and Eight Months

Eight month check up yesterday. The last one was 4 months, seems like forever. At that appointment we were told we could start giving Milla food. This time we found she's at the 90th percentile for weight, yup. Huge.

At the nurse, lifting up the toy in waiting room.
I need to give Milla more finger food, so she can feed herself. Mealtime is so messy anyhow, what am I waiting for? Last night while I was at Pilates Charlie played lots of 'development' games with things hidden in boxes, requiring various skills to find and retrieve them.

First swimming lesson on Sunday was a blast. We had Grandma cheering from the sidelines and Milla grinning at everyone. Who knew Braybrook could be so much fun? I had been warned that the lessons were exhausting.

Post-swim coma.