Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Friends for dinner last night and Milla clapped. She does a lot of things with her hands but this was the first time clapping. Very exciting. Yesterday morning I collected her from bed to race of to Pilates and she was all sleepy on her tummy. Progress there too.

Few days have passed in the last eight months with no photos of Milla. Yesterday was one. Here's a pic from Monday instead as Charlie introduced her to a new toy.

Bit exciting.
This time last year we were in New Zealand and I was 25 weeks pregnant and feeling great. Time flies. Life marches on. We are now in the gap where I have no income, after my work maternity leave has run out and the government parental scheme. A few weeks from now and we'll be back on the road, headed north, Buller again, Jindabyne, Blue Mountains, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Nowra... A month of life on the road before I return to work. Eep.

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