Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wilson's Prom

A long-planned trip that didn't go exactly as planned. Instead of leaving Friday, spending two nights, we left after breakfast Saturday, Milla had been crook for days and we couldn't be sure we'd make it at all. And Sunday, coming back, I wasn't heading to Malaysia on a work trip at all, but home to contemplate the first week of a new job.

Anyhow, the Prom, decades after my last visit. A few simple, and amazing excursions. Around the Overlook for a walk, a sunset stroll from the house, brilliant sweet moments in the hammock, a run along Boundary Track, small town stops at Fish Creek (terrific op shop) and Meeniyan (ratty toddler on hand).
Watching crabs at sunset. 
Milla and her baby friend played well, a relief to me, the enthusiasm was shared. We kept the Nurofen flowing as Milla had snot, cough, fever and grouch. She said 'spider' when viewing the tiny twilight crabs.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Hanging out in the city by the basketball courts. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Falls Creek

We're back.

Same as ever but not at all. Back to the Bogong High Plains. Where we did the longest multi-day hike ever. Where we camped below the roof of Victoria. Where we turned back on the Mt Cope track, but not before I took some of my favourite photos. That was years ago. May 2011.

Cope Hut, 8 May 2011.
Back to Falls Creek where Milla cracked all those teeth through her gums, so painful, so unhappy. That was seven months ago.

Charlie doing training, that's what got us up there. He was effervescent on the Ring Road, Friday night, past 7pm, we were on our way.

Long drive, Milla dressed in her merino gear for an easy transfer to the tent, she fell asleep, we high-fived, I fell asleep. Around Mount Beauty, Milla woke up, I tried to soothe her. We wound up the mountain. She started throwing up. We couldn't stop, she was gurgling. Horrible. By the light of the moon, we cleaned up. The mountain forest was beautiful. Changed clothes, kept going. Another spew just before the village. A quasi-change of clothes and then press on to Langford West Horseyard on the Omeo side of Falls. Milla quiet and peaky.

Set up at the familiar spot, two tents now. Milla went to sleep quickly, but it was after 1am. A long day.

Waking happy.
From the wake up on Saturday morning things straighten out again. Life is good. Charlie rode, met up with a friend. Milla monstered, took naps, we did a walk along the aqueduct towards Roper Hut, with a random that I made friends with.

Saturday night we had camp dinner, listened to bogans chainsaw, and when Milla went to bed, we sat by the aqueduct and chatted. After a while I checked on her, howling! I lay next to her, she relaxed, I fell asleep.

Sunday I ran, the morning was glorious. Breakfast in a singlet. The weather closed in later, as I revisited Mt Cope track, with Milla sleeping on my back. We sat on the step of Cope Hut and had a snack.

Milla at Cope Hut, Bogong High Plains.
Drive home following picnic lunch in Mount Beauty, Milla didn't sleep, not til nearly home, but we were all content. We did it.

Monday, November 09, 2015


Two pairs of undies on head.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Wakes so happy.


Spring is so sweet. My heart almost burst when I found a huge nest, well established in our lemon tree. That's what the little brown scurry-bird had been busy with! I felt so privileged.

So proud.
Today Milla took her breakfast el fresco, and the parrots were back, ready to swoop through the apricot tree. Great temperature, gorgeous sunshine.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

16 Months

Sixteen months and physically confident and language is booming. Parrots back at you. "Jack", "Pop", "guitar", "arm". When asked, pre-meal, Milla can go to drawer, open, retrieve bib and attempt to put around her neck, close drawer. Mostly eats heaps, loves beans, peanut butter and endless frozen blueberries. Rarely sits down for a book, still likes her 'Milla's World' book (on those rare occasions). Napped one hour in the morning and three (!!) hours in the arvo yesterday. Today only 45 minutes, in the car. So no way to plan around that. Still going to swimming lessons with 'Grandma', twice this weekend, to make up missed classes. Went to Scienceworks for the first time yesterday, still too young really. Can sit and draw at her desk outside, though wanders off with textas in her hands. 

Knows she is hilarious.