Sunday, November 01, 2015

16 Months

Sixteen months and physically confident and language is booming. Parrots back at you. "Jack", "Pop", "guitar", "arm". When asked, pre-meal, Milla can go to drawer, open, retrieve bib and attempt to put around her neck, close drawer. Mostly eats heaps, loves beans, peanut butter and endless frozen blueberries. Rarely sits down for a book, still likes her 'Milla's World' book (on those rare occasions). Napped one hour in the morning and three (!!) hours in the arvo yesterday. Today only 45 minutes, in the car. So no way to plan around that. Still going to swimming lessons with 'Grandma', twice this weekend, to make up missed classes. Went to Scienceworks for the first time yesterday, still too young really. Can sit and draw at her desk outside, though wanders off with textas in her hands. 

Knows she is hilarious.

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