Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wilson's Prom

A long-planned trip that didn't go exactly as planned. Instead of leaving Friday, spending two nights, we left after breakfast Saturday, Milla had been crook for days and we couldn't be sure we'd make it at all. And Sunday, coming back, I wasn't heading to Malaysia on a work trip at all, but home to contemplate the first week of a new job.

Anyhow, the Prom, decades after my last visit. A few simple, and amazing excursions. Around the Overlook for a walk, a sunset stroll from the house, brilliant sweet moments in the hammock, a run along Boundary Track, small town stops at Fish Creek (terrific op shop) and Meeniyan (ratty toddler on hand).
Watching crabs at sunset. 
Milla and her baby friend played well, a relief to me, the enthusiasm was shared. We kept the Nurofen flowing as Milla had snot, cough, fever and grouch. She said 'spider' when viewing the tiny twilight crabs.

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