Wednesday, December 02, 2015

17 months

Seventeen months and a member of the family. Is a parrot. Knows right from wrong. Is learning empathy.

Upon waking, first day of eighteenth month. 
Feeds her monkey crackers. Sings 'baa baa' when seeing a picture of the sheep. Can find a boat, a bike, a book, flowers and moon in the book. Very occasionally will have meltdown where only a cuddle from me will do. Like today when I was sick and trying to have a shower. Charlie sat with her in the bathroom while I grabbed my towel. 

Waves 'bye' sweetly when I put her poo in the toilet. Has micro-sleeps on Charlie's chest in the shower. Brushes her hair out of her eyes. But hates me tying it back. Can reach the bench. Loves to trot around with a backpack on saying 'bye' and waving, headed out the back door. Throws stuff, for the fun of it, to seek attention, and to show frustration (alternately, it seems). Lies back on the couch, semi-upright, ready for her milk. Always wants to get off at Flagstaff when we need to wait for Melbourne Central.

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