Tuesday, March 03, 2015

8/52 and Eight Months

Eight month check up yesterday. The last one was 4 months, seems like forever. At that appointment we were told we could start giving Milla food. This time we found she's at the 90th percentile for weight, yup. Huge.

At the nurse, lifting up the toy in waiting room.
I need to give Milla more finger food, so she can feed herself. Mealtime is so messy anyhow, what am I waiting for? Last night while I was at Pilates Charlie played lots of 'development' games with things hidden in boxes, requiring various skills to find and retrieve them.

First swimming lesson on Sunday was a blast. We had Grandma cheering from the sidelines and Milla grinning at everyone. Who knew Braybrook could be so much fun? I had been warned that the lessons were exhausting.

Post-swim coma. 

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