Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rolling and Evenings

Yesterday Milla howled during the afternoon attempt at nap. I went in after a while and found her on all fours in her crib, facing me, tears. So, she's rolled over. Using the bars as a tool to hoist up. So, it's hard for her to rest.

Same this arvo. Charlie got her up. He's sick and tired.

Tiny nurse. 
Sometimes we dread the evening and I say I'll put Milla to bed early. We think it'll be hard with velcro kid and no relaxing and she'll be hard work and the evening will be stressful as we're tired... It always seems to be that the next hour flies by in a delicious flurry of giggles and games.

Playing with my foot. 
Second round of conjunctivitis sent us to search for a Westside GP and we weren't disappointed. A serious, gentle and no nonsense woman who told us to bathe Milla's eye with salt water. And it's better. Just like that.

Busy days and good days, despite the lurgy. I've been for lots of runs. And went to St Kilda Readings to see John Darnielle genius read for his brill book. Milla and Charlie came for the ride and hung out on the grass while I basked in the brilliance and got my book signed. Life goes on, eh.

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