Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But we had a very good night.

Bottle feeding.
Milla is working hard to roll herself over. She also sleeps really well. Usually she goes to bed by 9pm and wakes around 5am. Time to stop the swaddling. My plan was to have a few days of all naps with no swaddle before trying overnight. But the opportunity with Charlie being away was too good.

Yesterday Milla slept for two hours in the stroller as I pounded the westside pavement picking up local honey and beautifully pressed second hand clothes. It was 30 degrees but felt cooler. It was glorious. Hard work walking. Found the Vernon Street shops for the first time.

After lunch Milla declined to nap. I tried. She screamed. I tried. She got up and was cute. Ach.

Bedtime came a little early. Strangely I was exhausted. I left one arm out of her sleep bag. Nervously sat and waited for her to fright. Nope. Woke up at 5am for a feed. I put her back to bed in a new sleep sack with both arms out. Slept for two hours. Winning. Then she got up and ate vegemite toast. And gulped down her peach and fig porridge.

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