Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Got a cold. First time I've been crook in a year or so. Might have broken the back of it today. Charlie home all snotty. Put Milla down for a nap and she howled. And howled. So I went for a run. Came back to a sleeping baby, but forty-five minutes of howling, wah.

Milla takes big bites out of the backyard tomatoes. I'm harvesting a kilo a day still.

Learning 'no' by trying to eat leaves. 
Post-swaddle life is good. Though with the naps, it's harder to get her to rest and she pushes herself up to bang her head on the top of the crib.

Swimming lessons start this week for Milla, Mum will take her and hopefully I'll get some longer runs in.

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