Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Seven Months

Milla at seven months.

Wild Child
Milla. Tries to peak at the next page of the book. Giggles hysterically at Charlie's peak-a-boo. Can glug from her sipper cup: loves loves loves drinking water. Sits. Tries to crawl. Is still swaddled, though I'm trying to break it. Feeds from the boob so well. Chats "ne ne ne ne" and "da da da da". Can sit outside by herself for ages and watch ants and butterflies and listen to motorcycles. Occasionally will fall asleep in our arms, particularly in the evening when Charlie watches mountain biking vids on YouTube...  Can feed herself toast fingers and big chunks of dried fruit. Always loves yoghurt. Is amazed by clapping, baffled by my dancing. Wants to play with the back door chain. Very strong tummy muscles and will stay in a v-sit-up for ages. Cries getting nappy changed when tired.

Love love love this kid.

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