Monday, March 23, 2015


Charlie sold some bike gear on eBay and declared the profits would be available for new books. Awesome.

Milla has had books read to her since her first weeks. Guess How Much I Love You was read many times in the Ballroom to the tiny infant.

Then we were given Lost and Found and Maisy's Colours and they become firm favourites.

A few others have joined the repertoire. Since Christmas, Charlie and I learnt Each Peach Pear Plum by heart and Where is the Green Sheep gets lots of grins from Milla. She now points at elements in the pictures (pointing is her favourite thing this week) and tries to turn pages. She rocks and reaches and is very happy to be read to and unless exhausted will want more and more.

So the family excursion to Readings finally happened yesterday (after Ikea! We must be mad!). We spent $95 in twenty minutes, anxious to get back on the road before Milla let us know she was tired.

Readings haul at home. 
It was fun and mad. We three picked up books and quickly read them. The Mix it Up book was the only one I'd already seem before. Though I've coveted the black and white fabric books. Perfect for little ones. How to Catch a Start is by Oliver Jeffers, who we love from Lost and Found. It's going to be fun reading these!

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