Monday, February 03, 2014

19 weeks and feeling it

Lovely busy times with beach, river, visits, breezes and goodness. Friday we used our patio for BBQ and relaxed together before hosting. Early start for a kayaking lesson and accidental swim... Then to the coast where I should have taken photos of the beach/house to share how beautiful and relaxing it was.

Some anxieties with bodily conditions. I booked into the Doc after being told by another soon-to-be-mother that I had somehow missed getting lots of the checkups and info she already had. Silly.

Name preference: Della
Best activity: Legs up wall or sunset stroll
Adventure dreaming: Mt Speculation
Random worry: Varicose veins
Reading: Job applications, the 52 project, blogs about varicose veins.

At home, ready for work. Last time I can fit into blue suit (until...). 

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