Thursday, November 13, 2014


Morning walk in the yard, girls in pyjamas. Milla now grabs at the trees, I tell her about the nectarines and apricots she'll be eating this summer.

Any resemblance? 
Had an exciting day on Tuesday, when Milla was inadvertently offered honey... Not recommended for babies due to bacteria and risk of botulism. Eep! She's had no symptoms of anything untoward and has eaten just fine since, phew. Just for some more excitement, that evening we had her four-month immunisations, which we walked to in the evening sunshine as a family. She howled for a few terrible seconds, then was soothed by a cuddle and after a few hours forgot about her chubby thighs being pricked.

Her high chair arrived in the post but it was hilarious to put her in it, she's too small, or too short perhaps. So she'll eat on our laps, methinks.

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