Sunday, November 02, 2014

Healing and Stepping

Second shot at Bikram. The instructor managed to slip in a theme of 'healing' amongst the rigid Bikram script. At first I didn't really listen or hearing any meaning, but after a while, in the floor series, I realised that it did mean something to me. I am healing. My body is strong, healthy, but still recovering from childbirth and from daily baby-mustering and feeding. My pelvic floor and abdominal muscles still are healing. This is why I'm at yoga and not running! It was so interesting to think about a need to nurture and recover, and to turn towards healing practices.

Charlie took care of Milla while I went to the class, and when I returned she has some more floor baby play time, on her back, rolling side-to-side, then on her tummy, so close to crawling. Then we stood her up, her favourite position. Charlie had her arms lightly and she did something new: put one foot in front of the other, then again, then again. Maybe it was because she was wearing her new Superbaby singlet?

We think she's super. 

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