Wednesday, May 14, 2014

34 weeks

A breakfast date this morning, where my whole team surprised me. The farewells have begun.

34 weeks and wet tents in the backyard
Busy times. The parenting & breastfeeding class last week (three-and-a-half hours!), hospital tour tomorrow night, Mama Shanti workshop this Sunday and of course the excitement of assembling the stroller. And returning the crib when they sent the wrong one.

Pinterest as my note keeper for all the things we're doing and wishing around the place. My Dad, brother and dear friends assisting and offering and generally making themselves useful and life sweet. It's a strange and lovely time.

Name preference: Scout or ...
Best activity: Autumn sunshine walks
Adventure dreaming: One day we'll go to the west coast
Random worry: Sometimes, none, sometimes, all the worries of the world. Is it too late to get stretch marks? Do I ask too much?
Reading: Pulitzer Prize winner from 1960.


Heather Kelabora said...

I like scout very cool!

Bonnie Conquest said...
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