Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Our second formal 'class' at the hospital last night, the topic of this 4 hour (!) session was labour and childbirth. It was a contrast to our Mama Shanti session on Sunday, which at first was quite confronting. After we placed it in the context of the big hospital and their policies, we felt like it was more useful than scary. We were learning the default settings.

And of course it was useful to workshop the different stages of labour, when to come to hospital, and to consider all the pros/cons of the interventions and pain relief. And to keep perspective. I have been well, and active, and I'm not afraid.

Came home to the re-delivered crib, and more improvements on back and front of house that I have my father and brother to thank for. 

New door knocker/handle and lick of paint for front door.

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